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Research on government financing mode of infrastructure construction in the city

Author: ShenYi
Tutor: ZouZaiJin; PengZhiYuan
School: Yunnan University of Finance
Course: Public Administration
Keywords: urban infrastructure new public management the theory of govern-ance the theory of public goods
CLC: F285
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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With the smooth implementation of the "Tenth Five-Year Plan","EleventhFive-Year Plan", China’s economic construction has achieved a breakthroughdevelopment, especially in urban infrastructure construction, has made considerableprogress. However, the construction of urban infrastructure generally need the supportof a lot of money, just relying solely on government funding and other traditionalmeans, far failed to meet this demand. Therefore, the central and local urbaninfrastructure financing channels for a wide range of attempts to explore. This articleis based on the perspective of public administration, the government in theconstruction of urban infrastructure financing models to make some exploration.Urban infrastructure as a city living and material production of the materialcarriers of the general conditions, it’s perfect direct impact on the quality of life of thepeople in the city. As China’s urbanization, the size and needs of the urbaninfrastructure are increasing day by day. In the traditional government financing mode,the limited financial resources of local government has been unable to meet the highinvestment in urban infrastructure construction, and even restricted in many parts ofthe process of urbanization. Therefore, the construction of urban infrastructure ingovernment financing has become an increasingly important subject.Since the reform and opening up, China’s rapid development of the national economy,people’s living standards has also been considerable development. At the same time,China’s urban infrastructure construction, although the rapid development, but relativeto the national development and people’s growing supply and demand, there is still aconsiderable gap, become a constraint on China’s economy to continue as a goingsteady and rapid development, how to solve urban infrastructure The construction ofthe huge demand for funds is an important problem of the central and localgovernments.Due to historical reasons, China’s urban infrastructure construction in a very longtime been dependent on financial investment at all levels of government, urbaninfrastructure construction progress has been slow, does not match the speed andeconomic growth and people’s needs. With the government investment alone can notmeet the needs of China’s growing urban infrastructure construction. The governmentbegan to seek diversified, market-oriented urban infrastructure financing channels, to attract investment entities into the field of urban infrastructure construction.This paper analyzes the mode of government financing some of the problems inthe construction of urban infrastructure, from the point of view of publicadministration and the new public management, governance theory and the theory ofpublic goods, the departure from the status quo of China’s urban infrastructuredevelopment and financing, expounded China the history and current situation of thegovernment in the construction of urban infrastructure financing methods, combinedwith the actual situation in China, and put forward some countermeasures andsuggestions to optimize the financing of urban infrastructure construction in China.This article gives the Chinese government actively expand urban infrastructurefinancing channels, make full use of market factors, some new ideas.Analyze problems according to the following technical route statement→→tostudy the problem departure from the characteristics of urban infrastructure, the newpublic management theory, the theory of public goods, such as urban infrastructureinvestment and financing basic theoretical research, discusses the government in theconstruction of urban infrastructure financing methods Select the path and role. Alsothe role of the government in the urban infrastructure, history and current situationand problems, and vision for the future to do the research, and also a variety offinancing models were compared. This article is a slight innovation lies in thebackground of China’s huge demand for urban infrastructure, public managementperspective, to discuss the Government’s new urban infrastructure financing model toexplore and try. This may provide some useful insights to explore new ways of publicadministration.

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