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Study on rural land contracting right of management circulation in Yuxi City

Author: ZhangKaiZuo
Tutor: ZhangHong; ZhaoZhengFu
School: Yunnan University of Finance
Course: Public Administration
Keywords: The rural land Contracted management rights The circulation
CLC: F321.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The land as an important and irreplaceable natural resource and social wealth, isthe most basic means of production, is the material basis for human survival anddevelopment, is the source of all production and existence. Our country implementsin the vast rural areas in the last century70’s at the end of the household contractresponsibility system, the national and the collective land to the peasants, mobilizethe enthusiasm of farmers to a large extent, the agricultural land and the productionefficiency is improved and the agricultural productivity has been liberated, is the corecontent of the basic rural economy policy of the party since the Third Plenary Sessionof the eleven. However, with the development of economy and society, problems ofrural the household contract responsibility system gradually exposed, more and moredifficult to adapt to the present stage of agricultural scale, intensive development,modernization. Therefore, the "three rural" issues become more prominent, and eventhe emergence of "farmers really hard, really poor rural areas, agriculture is reallydangerous" appeal, in the dual role of the internal and external, to promote andfacilitate the development of the circulation of rural land contracted managementright.The circulation of rural land contracted management right, refers to farmersfranchise from the national and rural collective land contract, transfer to a natural orlegal person engaged in agricultural production behavior within a certain period oftime. Transference of rural land contractual management right, is not only a productof the development of rural economy and society, an inevitable result of thedevelopment of agricultural productivity, is the inheritance and development of thehousehold contract responsibility system, the come down in one continuous line.At present, there are many researches on the eastern developed regions, thecirculation of rural land contracted management right deeply and perfect, but lessresearches on transfer of Yunnan rural land contractual management right. Theeastern region economic development, social development, rural land contracting right of management circulation market is more mature, its theoretical research inrural land circulation in Yunnan owes the developed local significance has certainlimitation. In view of this, this paper based on careful study of relevant theory andpractice of rural land transfer, transfer of rural land contractual management right inYuxi city were systematically studied:Firstly, the definition of this paper, the rural land contract management right ofrural land, rural land contracting right of management circulation and form,establishment and system transition system combing the countryside land contractingright of management, and the process of development of China’s rural landcontracting right.Secondly, current situation of rural land contracted management right circulationin Yuxi, and analyze the existing transfer of Yuxi rural land contracting right ofmanagement problems from the aspects of the construction of rural social securitysystem is not perfect, the rural environment limitation, right of managementcirculation is not standard, management rights transfer market operation mechanismetc.Once again, the third chapter puts forward the existing problems, respectively,problems in the process of transfer of the system and mechanism, legal reasons,economic reasons, social and cultural reasons.Finally, put forward the existing in the circulation of rural land contractedmanagement rights in Yuxi City, and on the basis of analysis, put forward the transferof Yuxi rural land contracting right of management policy recommendations, namely,improving the system of property rights, establish contract management system ofrights transfer market, etc.In short, this paper aims to study the rural land contractual management right inYuxi City, the establishment and improvement of rural land contracting right ofmanagement circulation system and the circulation market of rural land contractualmanagement right, for the promotion and development of circulation in Yuxi city toprovide a scientific basis and useful lessons, promote the rural land contractual management right of voluntary, legal in Yuxi City, orderly transfer.

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