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  1. The Research on the Application of Risk-oriented Internal Audit,WangXiuJuan/Yangtze University,0/486
  2. Study on Micro-credit Operation of Zhejiang’s Rural,ChenXianFeng/Yangtze University,0/206
  3. Research on the Relationship between Person-Organization Fit and Organizational Commitment,MengYing/Yangtze University,0/59
  4. Research on the Development of Tea Industrialization in Yidu City,XiongJianPing/Yangtze University,0/45
  5. The Situation and Development Countermeasures of the Gardening Industry in Mishi Town,XiongZhiBo/Yangtze University,0/49
  6. A Study on the Current Situation of Grape Industry and It’s Countermeasure in Gong’ an County,SongGuo/Yangtze University,0/85
  7. Cost-Benefit Research of Chestnuts Production in Beijing,ZuoFengXia/Yangtze University,0/120
  8. Speech Frequency Parameter Estimation in Low SNR,LiuHeLai/Yangtze University,0/46
  9. Research on Culture Construction of Urban Community,GuoYuLan/Yangtze University,0/412
  10. Research on the Building of Grass-roots Party During the Rural Social Transition Period,LiChengYun/Yangtze University,0/95
  11. Research on the Kuomintang(KMT)'s Journalism Control during the Mainland Period,HuFen/Yangtze University,0/65
  12. Transformation Study of the Cultural Construction of the Chinese Communist Party,LiangJiaMing/Yangtze University,0/44
  13. Research on China's Image of Chinese Popular Songs,LiuQingLun/Yangtze University,0/43
  14. Pig-human Uric Acid Purification of Enzyme Modification Research and PEG,ChenShengKai/Yangtze University,0/47
  15. SongZi City Research on the Integrated Control Technique of Cattle Schistosomiasis,WangWeiHua/Yangtze University,0/8
  16. Empirical Analysis of the Impact Factors of Pig Insurance,ZhongLing/Yangtze University,0/68
  17. Effects of Exogenous Silicon on Seed Fertility and Heat-stress Physiology of Hybrid Rice under Heat Stress and Its Application,WuChenYang/Yangtze University,0/44
  18. Study the Cultivation Technique for High Yield of Mid-season Rice in Jingzhou,LiPengFei/Yangtze University,0/34
  19. Lodging Affect Main Factors and Benefits Assessment of Super Hybrid Semilate Rice in Jianghan Plain,ZhongQiong/Yangtze University,0/19
  20. The Effects of Graphene on the Germination and Seedling Growth in Rice,LiuShangJie/Yangtze University,0/91
  21. Research on Axially Loaded Composite L-section Steel Tubes Filled with Steel-reinforced Concrete Columns,SongZuo/Yangtze University,0/21
  22. Studies on the Application of Hydrocolloid in Frozen Dough,DuKun/Yangtze University,0/135
  23. Design of Broken Yarn Joint Control System Based on Matrix Switch,LiuXiu/Yangtze University,0/15
  24. The Research of Hydrazine Modified as Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitor,WuLanLan/Yangtze University,0/80
  25. Research on Casing Damage Mechanism and Control Technology for Zhangtianqu Oilfield,ShouXiang/Yangtze University,0/92
  26. Research on the Theoretical Model of Smart Pipeline Based on Piezoelectric Material,HuJunJie/Yangtze University,0/19
  27. A Feasibile Study of Oil Pipeline Laying in Huangmei-Jingmen (Yueyang),WuZhiHong/Yangtze University,0/15
  28. The Special Structure of Reservoir Fluid-solid Coupling Mechanism and Seismic Response Analysis,ZhaoYouQing/Yangtze University,0/69
  29. Preliminary Design and Implementation of Underground Gas Storage Construction in Wen'an Oilfield,ZhangYaJuan/Yangtze University,0/40
  30. Design of Operating System about Gas Condensate Processing Unit,WangXingGuang/Yangtze University,0/23
  31. Risk Assessment of Casing Burst Strength after Casing Wear,DengZuo/Yangtze University,0/20
  32. Technology Research and Application of Natural Gas Engine Drive Mechanical Rig,LiMing/Yangtze University,0/53
  33. A Research of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System for Sebei Gas Field,ZhangShiJun/Yangtze University,0/73
  34. The Prevention and Control Technology Research of Eccentrically Worn Sucker Rod String and Tubing for Pumping Wells in Hailaer Oil Field,YuHang/Yangtze University,0/75
  35. The Software Development of Sucker Rod Pump Lifting System Condition Analysis and Design,WangXiaoZuo/Yangtze University,0/69
  36. Analaysis and Countermeasure of Influencing the System Efficiency of Pumping Unit Wells,LiuBo/Yangtze University,0/232
  37. Well Structure Design System and Application Research,ShenJiaXun/Yangtze University,0/23
  38. Study on the Mechanical Properties of Glass-Fibre Reinforced Composite Bridge Plug,ChengWenJia/Yangtze University,0/118
  39. The Design and Research of the Logging While Drilling Sonic Caliper Control System,XiangWei/Yangtze University,0/44
  40. Computerized Simulation Research on the DTH Hammer,YeYongSheng/Yangtze University,0/22
  41. Research on Intelligent Control and Parameters Self-Adjusting Technologies for Walking-beam Pumping Units,YangFan/Yangtze University,0/64
  42. The Research of Augmented Injection Technology of YMD Film and Its Application in Wenmi Oil Field,ChenQiTao/Yangtze University,0/56
  43. Realization of Integrated Technology of Reservoir Description, Model Building,Numerical Simulation,ZhouXiangLing/Yangtze University,0/151
  44. Reservoir Development Research of Kexia Formation in Hongyi-6Area of Hongqian-1Wellblock,LuYan/Yangtze University,0/76
  45. The Formation Intrusive Research of Plugging Agent,LiuGuoLin/Yangtze University,0/25
  46. Foaming Agent Development and Its Drainage Process under the Extreme Environments,RaoXiLi/Yangtze University,0/77
  47. Study on Hot-Water Flooding Mechanism in Low-Permeability Heavy Oil Reservoir,LuYang/Yangtze University,0/145
  48. A Research of Loose Sandstone Injection Well Chemical Sand-consolidation and Profile Control Technology,YaoJunBo/Yangtze University,0/49
  49. Study of In-depth Profile Control and Adaptability in Conglomerate Reservoir in Karamay Oilfield,TanLiangBai/Yangtze University,0/108
  50. Infilled Drilling Development Research of Badaowan Formation in Hongyi-6Block,GaoYu/Yangtze University,0/40

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