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The Research on the Implementation and Optimization of Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Policy in Heilongjiang Province

Author: ZhuZhiMeng
Tutor: WangHuiJun
School: Northeast Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Economics and Management
Keywords: Purchase of agricultural subsidies the effects of policies technical efficiency scale efficiency overall efficiency
CLC: F323.3
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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Agriculture is the foundation of a nation’s economic prosperity and social stability as well as independence, meantime it is a strategic industry to make people peace and make country stable. Agriculture of China has already gotten a great success, but it paid a huge cost and it is facing some serious problems. To promote the development of agricultural mechanization by carrying out of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy is the important measure to solve agricultural problems. Heilongjiang province is the important commodity grain base in our country, whose status is vital. The implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy is crucial to realize agricultural mechanization and modernization, and then to ensure continued increase in grain production and sustained increase in rural incomes. This study is based on a series of backgrounds such as carrying out a policy of industry re-feeding agriculture and implementing of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy, which is in the complement with administration and market each other. The author researched the implementation and optimization of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in Heilongjiang province by using the relevant economic theory, whose aim is to reveal a mechanism of policy design and to find the problem causes and affecting factors so that the author can put forward basic countermeasure and suggestions to optimize policies which is useful to design our country’s agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy and to rich theories of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in China.This study has important theoretical and realistic guiding significance. Its theoretical significance include:(1)analyzing a evolution course and design mechanism of farm machinery purchase subsidy policy, define the necessity of implementation of policy to provide theoretical support for policy setting.(2)analyzing the current situation\role\problems and reasons of implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in Heilongjiang province, putting forward policy optimization countermeasures, deepening the relevant theories of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in major grain producing areas.(3) Computing policies comprehensive efficiency, technical efficiency and scale efficiency, and then evaluating its efficiency, enrich the contents and methods of policy research in order to provide theory guidance.Its realistic guiding significance includes:(1)researching of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy problems, influencing factors and countermeasures in Heilongjiang province,solving policy problems to provide the basis for government making policies.(2)It can improve the government’s attention degree, increasing more support, building basic-level agr-technique extension system, which is giving priority to with modern agricultural machinery cooperatives.Thus,according to the theoretical research and empirical analysis, comprehensive evaluation and the experience for reference, the thinking of policy optimization, this study,with the industrial support, technical growth, political game, welfare economics, institutional economics and development economics as the theoretical basis, is using some study methods such as the document literature and field research, the combining methods of qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis.The author researched the implementation and optimization of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in Heilongjiang province in order that he revealed the mechanism of policy design and rule and computed the comprehensive efficiency, technical efficiency and scale efficiency by using DEA method.At the same time, he took some successful example from America\Japan\Brazil and South Korea,then he set some basis countermeasures and suggestions for optimizing policy. The concrete research content mainly includes the following sections:(1) Relevant concept definition and theoretical basis.This section mainly set forth the basic concepts and basic theory.On the basis of distinguishing between agricultural support with agricultural protection, financial support and agricultural subsidies,this part cleared about the implications of the farm machinery purchase subsidy policy and its role and status,meanwhile, stated the industrial support theory, technology growth theory, political support economic game theory, welfare economics theory, system theory and the theory of development economics and established the theoretical basis of this study.(2) Evolution course, mechanism design and implementation effect of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in our country.This part mainly reviewed the current situation of agricultural mechanization, economic background and the main characteristics of policy arrangement in the four different stages in our country and cleared the policy evolution course as well as outlined the overall situation of China’s agricultural mechanization policy implementation. From effect of policy to peasant household’behavior and demand for agricultural machinery operation services, the author analyzed the direct influence of policy,along with effect of policy to welfare and the farmer cooperation and basic-level agr-technique extension system.Especially,its indirect influence is remarkable too.It raised labor productivity, promoted the transfer of rural labor force, improving the food production, increased the farmers’ income, promoted the agricultural development, enhanced the farmers’ living standards, promoted the "three agriculture" problem solving and ensured the national food security.(3)The current situation of implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in Heilongjiang province.This section mainly stated the situation and effects of implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in rural and reclamation area in Heilongjiang province.This part analyzed the policy role objectively, digged policy problems deeply,analyzed the cause of problems intensively, found the root causes of policy defects. (4) Efficiency evaluation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in Heilongjiang province.This part put forward the necessity of efficiency evaluation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy and calculated comprehensive efficiency, technical efficiency and scale efficiency of the policy by DEA method,meantime, analyzed the main factors which affected the policy efficiency in order to lay foundation for optimizing the policy.(5) Foreign experience for reference.This part summarized the basic characteristics of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy between the two developed countries, America and Japan, with two developing countries, Brazil and South Korea,and got some enlightenment for Heilongjiang province.Rural and reclamation area of Heilongjiang province took different farm machinery purchase subsidy policy which is based on the background of perfecting the legislation of agricultural mechanization, providing low-interest loans,supporting the development of the farmers organized and promoting agricultural machinery research and extending,(6) Optimize the basic countermeasure and the suggestion of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in Heilongjiang province. This section cleared the guiding ideology to optimize agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in Heilongjiang province.According to principles such as scientific and feasible, technology first, fair and efficiency and so on,the author put forward to goal and concrete countermeasures to improve the operating mechanism and strengthening the safeguard mechanism and building the running a longterm mechanism.Through researching on the above content, specific conclusions are as follows:(1) Farm machinery purchase subsidy funds may effectively drive farmers investment to agricultural machinery, promoted the growth of the total power of agricultural machinery,improved the degree of comprehensive mechanization and strengthen the agricultural technology promotion system. At the same time, as a result of growing rapidly of the total power of agricultural machinery, a large number of modern agricultural machinery is widely used in agricultural production in Heilongjiang province, which is improving agricultural labor efficiency and promoting the labor transfer, achieving nine times growth on the output of grain and per capita net income.(2)Subsidies and various evaluation indexes show positive correlation.The policy effect show that farm machinery purchase subsidy policy effectively promoted the mechanization of agriculture in Heilongjiang province,so farm machinery purchase subsidy policy should not only keep long-term stability, but also scale up moderately on the basis of funds and should expand the scope of the subsidies.(3) It is presenting positive correlation between a country’s industrialization level and economic level and the support level to agricultural mechanization. Structure and development of agricultural mechanization are greatly influenced by land and other natural resources.So Heilongjiang should learn good experience from America and Brazil to pay attention to subsidies for large agricultural machinery development and build modern agriculture. Meantime, Heilongjiang should study from successful experience of Japan and South Korea to focus on subsiding to develop small and medium-sized, light, high efficiency, simple operation of agricultural machinery, adjusting measures to local conditions to develop scale of agriculture.(4) Agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy is effective in Heilongjiang province,it basically achieved the biggest technical efficiency.However,due to the policy lag,outmoded supporting facility,lack of work fund and rules for the implementation, policy’s comprehensive efficiency, technical efficiency and scale efficiency present a downward trend.(5) Put forward countermeasures and suggestions from four aspects:optimizing macro environment, promoting the development of agricultural mechanization, intensifying policy execution and improving the farmers’ organizational level. These countermeasures and suggestions have a certain realistic guiding significance for optimizing the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in Heilongjiang.

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