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The Effects of Intellectual Pronertv Right Protectionon Technology Innovation

Author: WangJinXiang
Tutor: ChengHua
School: Zhejiang University of Technology
Course: Business management
Keywords: Intellectual Property Rights Protection (IPR Protection) TechnologicalInnovation Foreign technology imports domestic technology transfer
CLC: F425
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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Technological innovation has been an important driving force to economic growthof one country in knowledge economy mode to which oriented the information andknowledge. Our country is in the key period of social and economic transformation.The Party’s18th National Congress emphasized that technological innovation is thestrategic support to improve the social productive forces and overall national strength,We must place it at the heart of the overall national development. Furthermore, theimportance of the intellectual property system to stimulate innovation and thepromotion of technical progress are also increasingly prominent. Intellectual propertyprotection plays an active role in promoting scientific and technological progress andeconomic development, but also may increase the cost of using technology,improperly compress enterprise development space, hinder the subsequent applicationof technological innovation and knowledge dissemination.Therefore, more and morepeople are starting to focus on the impact of intellectual property protection fortechnological innovation. Over the years, scholars have focused on studies based inthe macro-level data in developed countries or developing countries. In recent years,Chinese scholars have conducted industry-level data empirical research, but most arehigh-tech industry, empirical research on China’s large and medium industrialenterprises are very few. Therefore, the empirical research on the impact ofintellectual property protection for medium-sized industrial enterprises intechnological innovation has important theoretical and practical significance toimprove our intellectual property policy and to find a valid path in enhancing themedium-sized innovation ability.Firstly, in this paper, we sort out the impact between intellectual propertyprotection system and technological innovation by the domestic and internationalrelevant literature.Then, we measure the overall level of China’s intellectual propertyprotection and sub-regional levels provinces by the modified G-P model. On the basisof these, the empirical study has analysised China’s intellectual property rights to theinfluence of medium-sized industrial enterprises and comparison of influence direction and degree which according to the regional classification. At last, combinedwith research conclusions and our protection of intellectual property developmentstatus, this paper recommends policies focusing on improving the level of protectionof intellectual property rights and enhancing the competitiveness of medium-sizedindustrial enterprises.The general regression results show that China’s present intellectual propertyprotection significantly promotes the corporate R&D and innovation output, whilethere exists an inverse U-shaped relationship between intellectual property protectionand innovation. At the same time, the study shows R&D input, foreign and domestictechnology imports have positive effects on medium-sized industrial enterprisesinnovation, while the impact of R&D input is the biggest. But the impact of researchpersonnel in promoting the innovation of medium-sized industrial enterprises is notsignificant. However, there are some differences in sub-regional study. ThoughChina’s intellectual property protection has distinct stimulate effect on the corporateR&D and innovation output in three areas, the influence in the innovation inputs ranksas the eastern, central, western while innovation output is central, western and eastern.The R&D funds in three areas are existed positive influence of medium-sizedindustrial enterprises innovation. Foreign and domestic technology imports promotethe innovation in central and western area but is non-significant for eastern. R&Dhuman strength on innovation in three areas is not obvious. Therefore, the overallstrengthen the strength of intellectual property protection in China is conducive toenhance the innovation of medium-sized industrial enterprises, but there are someregional differences.In conclusion, as the level of IPR protection in China is not the best, we shouldfurther intensify protection of intellectual property, strengthen spending on researchstrength, and increase the investment of manpower strength conversion. Specific, wecan from the following several angle to improve the existing situation. At first, thecompanies should increase enterprise R&D capital input in technology innovation;Second, to establish a sound system of intellectual property protection, thegovernment should make efforts to enhance law enforcement. We should promote the integration of industry, university and research to enhance the utilization of innovativetechnologies. Then, the enterprises should focus on improving the technologydigestion and absorption ability. What is more, strengthening technical trading marketconstruction is also important.

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