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Research on High-tech Industry Technology Alliance Formation and Dynamic Evaluation of the Running Effect

Author: WangYiGang
Tutor: JiangZhenZuo
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Technology Economics and Management
Keywords: high-tech industry technology alliance formation mechanism running effect stage progressive dynamic evaluation
CLC: F276.44
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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Looking at today’s trends at home and abroad especiallay in the future, thehigh-tech enterprises or industries must research and develop high-tech productsaccording the actual or potential market-oriented, and a considerable number ofhigh-tech enterprises sometimes were very difficult to achieve the goal of thehigh-tech technological innovation by their own forces, especially in the form ofan alliance together to carry out the advantages of high-tech innovation, has ledto a considerable number of high-tech enterprises and the industries have begunor are or continue to choose the high-tech industry technology alliance.In China, although in recent years, a wide variety of high-tech industrytechnology alliance has achieved a great development, some has not only becomethe most important technological innovation organizations forms of China’shigh-tech and the products, but also made a considerable number high-techachievements,some of them have been attracted by world attention, but comparedwith the aim which should achieve, especially the international advanced level,around the high-tech industry technology alliances, there are still a range offorward-looking problems in theory and practice,such as ability to adapt is notstrong, cooperation force of the members is not strong, the integration utilizationlevels of scientific and technological resources are not high, capability of createa positive influence factors is not strong, R&D capability is weak, runningeffect is not satisfactory, the level of evaluation and management is lower, theability to introduct the corresponding policy timely is weak.But the mostimportant things to change this phenomenon,we should enhance the ability ofadapt and establishment according the formation mechanism, foster goodcooperative game relationship, create a positive influencing factors,strengthening the evaluation management, introduct the appropriate strategytimely. This paper applicated the latest crossover theories and methods based onsocial responsibility perspective, and based on relevant research results at homeand abroad, this paper research the basic theoretical issues,motivation offormation, relationship of dynamic stage cooperative game, influencing factors of the effective operation, evaluation model of the running effect, improvingstrategy of running effects deeply, this is conducive to further enrich andimprove the theory and methods around the high-tech industry technologyalliance, and provide the basis for scientific decision-making for the partiesconcerned.On the basis of generalizations of the basic theory of the high-tech industrytechnology alliance, this paper clearly defined the concept of technology andhigh-tech, technology alliances and high-tech industries, and the connotation oressence of the concept, characteristics, the classification, running effects andrunning effects evaluation of high-tech industry technology alliance,This paper also reveals the formation motives of high-tech industrytechnology alliance. And gradually analyzing the motivation of the costs, thevalue chain, the resource basis, technology innovation ability, risk control andsocial responsibility. On the basis of this, this paper building the value chainresources foundation model, system dynamics model of the technologyinnovation capability coupled interaction respectively.Use cooperative game theory, this paper analyzed the stage progressivedynamic cooperative game in the formation and running of the high-tech industrytechnology alliance and build a stage progressive dynamic cooperative gamesystem. And according the stage progressive relationship, this paper build thegame model and its cooperative game countermeasures system of various stagesin high-tech industry technology alliance dynamics cooperative game system.This paper investigate the identify principles and perspective of the high-techindustry technology alliance from the multi-angle of micro and macro, internaland external.On the basis of this, this paper analyzed and summarized to revealthe effective operation influencing factors of the high-tech industry technologyalliance in the founded stage, running stage, termination stage and runenvironmental. And constructed the influencing factors stage progressiverelational model and empirical study of founded stage, running stage, terminationstage and run environmental, especially the effective operation stage.This paper explore the principles and procedures of Stage ProgressiveDynamic Evaluation Index System of high-tech industry technology alliancerunning effects, and on the basis of this, this paper building the evaluation model of high-tech industrial technology alliances in the high-tech research stage,development stage and market stage, and then build a comprehensive stagedynamic progressive evaluation model based the three-stage evaluation modeland empirical.Finally, based on a combination the theory and practice of high-techindustry technology alliance, especially the problems found in the empiricalprocess and yet status quo of the study, this paper proposed the integrationimprove strategy of running effects of high-tech industry technology alliance,based on the creation quality, operation quality, and termination quality andruntime environment quality.The theoretical significance of this paper is to further promote the in-depthstudy of high-tech industry technology alliance formation and the evaluation ofthe effective running effects. And provide appropriate lessons as well as aroundthe high-tech industry technology alliance problems; practical significance ofthis paper is to help to improve the management level and the ability ofinnovation and innovation efficiency of high-tech industries alliance, andpromote the sustainable development of China’s high-tech industry technologyalliance.

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