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Research on the System Cohesion of Basic Health Care for the Urban and Rural Residents in Hainan Province

Author: YangZuo
Tutor: HuShouZhong
Course: Social Security
Keywords: The new rural cooperative medical care system the basic medicalinsurance system for urban residents system cohesion
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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The new health care plan established everyone will have access to basic medical andhealth services, to establish the basic medical and health system covering both urban andrural residents, Party’s sixth plenary of sixteen session and will to2020basic to establishthe social security system covering urban and rural residents as an important goal ofbuilding a harmonious socialist society and task clearly put forward the eighteenthcongress as a whole to promote the social security system in urban and rural areas. Asurban and rural integration process accelerated, the acceleration of population structure andthe change of professional identity, the social basic medical insurance system betweenurban and rural occupation and region urgently needs to realize the system integration andpolicy convergence in recent years, the state attaches great importance to the reform ofmedical and health care system, increased public investment in medical and healthundertakings, has accelerated the advancing the new rural cooperative medical care systemand the construction of medical insurance system for urban residents, rapidly expanded thecoverage of medical security system, easing the people see a doctor difficult, expensiveproblemsIn the current system of Health Insurance,which consists of Urban Basic Healthcare for employees, Urban Resident Basic Health Insurance and The New RuralCooperative Medical Care. The system has achieved great achievements in the past severalyears in Hainan Province, however, during the development,some problems also exist. Forexample, the division of System, barriers between town and country, managing separation,decentralization of resource. These problems influence the society fair and the economicdevelopment. Now with the rapid development of Hainan International Tourism Island, ithas the conditions to carry out basic health care system cohesion. Also, Hainan Provincehas the ability to establish a unified basic health care system, which reflects the fairnessand indemnificatory of the basic Medical Insurance well,furthermore, it could improve theharmonious development of Urban and rural Medical security system integrating. For this reason, under the background of each basic medical insurance systemachieving full coverage in rural and urban areas, this paper tentatively makes an overallstrategic thinking on building the interface model between the new rural cooperativemedical care system and the basic medical insurance system for urban residents in China.The features and possible innovations of the paper:the topic is combined with livelihoodof Hainan closely, has undertaken extensive field surveys;Study the development of basicmedical insurance for urban residents by the method of comparative analysis from variousangles,simultaneously, the paper focus on the application and operability ofcountermeasures.First, Using the hierarchy of needs, welfare economics theory and urban and rural dualstructure theory and the theory of social justice provide necessary theoretical support forthe system of cohesion; Residents in hainan province new farming and health care systemdesign and operation state of comparison, analysis of both the homogeneity and differenceof construction, points out the two problems of running, to explore new farmers andresidents health care model from the system of internal cohesion provides the basis.Second, Further comprehensive analysis from the perspective of social environment,the new farmers and the necessity of linking to the residents’ health, comprehensiveanalyses the feasibility of the new farmers and residents health cohesion of hainanprovince, on the basis of judging from the current of hainan province began to build thenew farmers and the reality of cohesive mechanism residents health condition has beenbasically mature. Set up covering the breakthrough point, based on the basic research ofbasic principles, the core content, realization of new farmers in the basic framework oflinking to the residents’ health care. By using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method toinvestigate the satisfaction degree of the residents to participate in social medical insurancewere analyzed, and the degree understand its policy response, combined with thecharacteristics of the system, establish a mathematical model of quantitative cohesivestrategy from three aspects, thus for dynamic adjustment and reform on the implementationof the system of perfect to provide theoretical reference and countermeasures.Through consulting and analyzing related literature, as well as historical data searchingand sorting, combining the field investigation and research of the specific conditions of thebasic medical insurance of hainan province, through the questionnaire survey, experts andgovernment management department for urban and rural residents to visit, the analysis ofthe current system of evaluation and the actual effect of the implementation of the views, the mathematical model is used to establish correlation index analysis of the influencingfactors, and connecting with the urban and rural residents of hainan province to thesatisfaction of basic medical insurance system integration model results, find out are keyfactors in the system, and evaluate the effect of the current system, find out the problem inthe system implementation process and the insufficiency, and further for the urban andrural residents basic medical insurance system of the cohesion of hainan province toprovide theoretical basis and the countermeasures and suggestions

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