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  1. Study on the Innovation Models of Industry-university-research Cooperation,LiDan/Henan Normal,0/757
  2. A Research on the Track and Field Teaching Situation of Rural Junior High School Physical Education and Health Classes in Xinxiang City,SunXiaoPing/Henan Normal,0/89
  3. How to Culter the Junior Middle School Students' Classical Chinese Learning Interest under the Background of the New Curriculum Standeard,ZhaoZuo/Henan Normal,0/57
  4. The Research on Social Life of Jiaozuo (1898~1949),ZhaoZuoZuo/Henan Normal,0/32
  5. The Diffusion and Influence of the Analects of Confucius in Japan,GuanGangBangXiong/Henan Normal,0/81
  6. Research on Visual Language of Zhang Yimou's Movies,HuYanGe/Henan Normal,0/254
  7. The Research of Regional Culture and the Taihang Landscape,GuoZuoZuo/Henan Normal,0/443
  8. An Analysis of Grade Nine Students' Answers to Written Discourse Completion Test,LiuYingYing/Henan Normal,0/9
  9. Study on C-E Translation of Company Publicity Webpages Based on Nord's Text Analysis Model,WangFei/Henan Normal,0/22
  10. Corpus-based Study on Nativized Features of Noun Patterns in China's English Newspapers,ZhangChao/Henan Normal,0/61
  11. A Corpus-based Study on Modal Sequences in Conclusion Sections of Research Articles,ZhangJie/Henan Normal,0/44
  12. Influence Factors of Anammox and Study Nitrosation-anammox in a Single Reactor,LiGangQiang/Henan Normal,0/276
  13. Reaearch on the Removal of Heavy Metals in Sewage by Iminodisuccinic Acid,DuanGaoQi/Henan Normal,0/66
  14. Synthesis and Characterization of3-(N-9-Adenine)Alanine and3-(N-1-Uracil)Alanine,ZuoWenJuan/Henan Normal,0/23
  15. Highly Efficient Synthesis of Pyrazole Derivatives and5-(Isoxazol-3-yl) Pyrimidine Nucleosides,WangJiLiang/Henan Normal,0/52
  16. Study on the Synthesis of Several Heterocyclic and Carbocyclic Derivatives,CuiLiangYan/Henan Normal,0/41
  17. Study on Controlled Synthsis and Photocatalytic Property of Cu2O and TiO2Micro/Nano Materials,WangXiaoPeng/Henan Normal,0/36
  18. The Dalitz Plot Analysis of D~0→π~+π~-π~0and D~0→K~+K~-K~0on Bes-Ⅲ,FanJingZhou/Henan Normal,0/16
  19. Global Polynomial Time Approximation Algorithms for Two Types of Fractional Programming Problems,ZhaoXiaoKe/Henan Normal,0/11
  20. Some Association Schemes Constructed from the Kronecker Sum of the Orthogonal Arrays,WangCongWei/Henan Normal,0/5
  21. Association Schemes Obtained from a Class of Orthogonal Arrays by Deleting Some Columns,ChengXinRu/Henan Normal,0/22
  22. The Association Schemes and the Schematic Orthogonal Arrays Obtained from Orthogonal Arrays Constructed by Difference Matrix,YangQiaoYing/Henan Normal,0/13
  23. Schematic Orthogonal Arrays Obtained by Using Contractive Replacement Method,LiSen/Henan Normal,0/11
  24. Exploring an Extension of Grand Further Inequality by Mean Theoretic Approach and the Application of Choi Inequality,ZhuXiaoDan/Henan Normal,0/9
  25. The Generalized Furuta Type Inequalities and Related Monotonicity of Operator Function,LiuYanMin/Henan Normal,0/9
  26. Block-Centered Difference Method for Viscoelasticity Equation and Rlw Equation,SuHongYan/Henan Normal,0/13
  27. Two Numerical Methods for the Two-Dimension Nonlinear Sobolev Equation,ZhaoMingHui/Henan Normal,0/8
  28. The Study on the Kind of Perfect Graph,MaMeiLin/Henan Normal,0/42
  29. Hopf π-Crossed Biproduct and Braided Monoidal Category Over π-Crossed Product,SongYaZuo/Henan Normal,0/7
  30. The Research of the Control Method for Commercial Banks Operational Risk,ZhuYao/Henan Normal,0/1
  31. The Research on Some Problems of Inheritance Tax in China,LiRui/Henan Normal,2/1058
  32. The Research About High-tech Industry and Technology Policy of Hebi City,ChenBaoChao/Henan Normal,0/64
  33. Ascience and Technology Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Financing Question Research,LiangJunLing/Henan Normal,0/4
  34. A Research on Relevance of Securities Investment Risk and Listing Corporation Finance,DiBinBin/Henan Normal,0/12
  35. Research on the Method of Enterprise Quality Cost Control,HuaQiuYan/Henan Normal,0/220
  36. The Research on Chinese Enterprise’ Overseas M&A Motivation and Performance,ZhangBing/Henan Normal,0/757
  37. A Study on Corporate Social Responsibility of Chinese State-owned Enterprises,ZhangJinJin/Henan Normal,0/216
  38. Development of Agricultural Industrialization in Huojia County,FengXinZheng/Henan Normal,0/1
  39. The Research on Brand Construction of Agricultural Products in Henan Province,YangMengZuo/Henan Normal,0/8
  40. Development Strategy of Green Logisitics of Agricultural Products in Henan Province,RenYuHuan/Henan Normal,0/2
  41. Economic Study on the Disadvantaged Position of Migrant Workers,CaoSuNa/Henan Normal,0/83
  42. Resarch on the Financial Support to the Circulation of Rural Land in Henan,MaXianNeng/Henan Normal,0/41
  43. A Case Study on Scientific-technological Consciousness of Urban,Rural, and Suburb Residents in Relation to Agricultirual Products Safety,SuYanYan/Henan Normal,0/12
  44. The Research on Fresh Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Based on Supply Chain,MengChao/Henan Normal,0/81
  45. Study on Rural Co-operatives’ Operational Mode in Henan Province,RenFang/Henan Normal,0/95
  46. Research of the Inherent Systematic Evolution on China’s Modern Ariculture in New Period,JiangTao/Henan Normal,0/67
  47. The Research on Association of Agricultural Modernization of Henan Province between the Land Assets,DongWenKe/Henan Normal,0/209
  48. Research on the Effect of the Entrepreneur Human Capital in Henan Province on the Economic Increase,LiuJiaHua/Henan Normal,0/1
  49. From the Perspective of Harmonious Society Fairness Allocation Problem Research,ZuoLiangYan/Henan Normal,0/75
  50. Researching the Growth of Non-Public Enterprises in the New Period,GuoXiuPing/Henan Normal,0/5

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