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Preliminary Study on Eperythrozoon Suis Subunit Vaccine

Author: LvZhou
Tutor: ZhangShouFa
School: Yanbian University
Course: Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Keywords: Eperythrozoon suis antigen subunit vaccine immunizing level
CLC: S858.28
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Eperythrozoonosis is a zoonosis(anthropozoonosis) in many kinds of animals, which attached to erythrocytes,dissociated in plasma and marrow.Eperythrozoonosis of swine mainly causes fever,icteroanaemia and embryonic death,is mixed with other diease that took difficulty for prevention and cure,makes largely economic losses.In this study,to decollement eperythrozoon suis on base of extracorporal cultivanted eperythrozoon suis,it was splited to be eperythrozoon suis antigen by supersonic wave;antigen of E.suis were analyzed use SDS-PAGE and Western blotting.The specific antigen molecular weight was 58kDa and 29kDa.E.suis antigen was diluted kinds of different concentration by PBS;mice were immunized and then screening the best immunized concentration is 3mg/mL.The mice were immunized with eperythrozoon suis antigen which were combined with vash oil adjuvant,Freund’s adjuvant,alunitum adjuvant,alhydrogel adjuvant,At the same time we set up PBS control group;then immune response were observed by indirect ELISA.To compare immunizing effection about different adjuvant.The results showed that antibody level rised visiblely in a week;PBS control group and no adjuvant group have not change;vash oil adjuvant group and Freund’s adjuvantgroup’s antibody level higher than others groups;they were diversitied significantly with control group after secondary immunity a week.(p<0.05) Until deuto-week ad tertium vicem immunifaction,experimental group’s antibody level achieved peak then decreased gradually,the group of rash oil adjuvant and Freund’s adjuvant diversitied significantly with other groups(p<0.05),and they have significant significantly than control group.(p<0.01) that the group of vash oil adjuvant have the best immunity effection.We also detected ratio CD4~+ and CD8~+ of immunized mice to appraise subunit vaccine cellular immunity level,The results showed that the group of vash oil adjuvant;Freund’s adjuvant;alhydrogel adjuvant and alunitum adjuvant achieve the best immunized response,lymphocyte percent higher than signifcant significantly(p <0.01),the group of vash oil adjuvant and Freund’s adjuvant higher than no adjuvant group(p<0.05),alhydrogel adjuvant group’s lymphocyte percent higher than alunitum adjuvant group a little.To determined immunoprotection effect about subunit vaccine,we carried out eliminating toxic material text on partly immunity mice after about a week ad tertium vicem immunifaction.To detected information of infecting E.suis on immunized mice by PCR.The results showed that experimental group was detected E.suis on 37d after infection,and control group was detected E.suis on 3d after infection.This study supplied some theory foundation for the aspect of investigated vaccine and it also established some contribution for diagnosing and preventing.

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