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Study on Curative Effect and Contribution to Indicatrix of Phlegmonosis by Treating Wind-warm Lung-heat Disease with Add Taste Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang Recipe

Author: YuanLiLi
Tutor: ChenZhiBin
School: Fujian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: Stagnation of phlegm-heat in the lung / TCM therapy C-Reactive Protein / drug effects Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha / drug effects Leukocyte Count Granulocytes
CLC: R256.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Objective:To observe the clinical curative effect of treating Wind-warm Lung-heat disease in stagnation of phlegm-heat with Chinese drugs preparation Add taste ma xing shi gan t -ang and antibiotic only,compare their curative effect,and contribution to indicatrix o -f phlegmonosis.And to approach the predominance of conbined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine therapeutic on cooperation of anti-inflammatory effect.Materias and Methods:1.60 patients with CAP were differentiated by adopting the standard of TCM Syn -drome Differentiation for Wind-warm Lung-heat disease.The patients were randomlydi -vided into treatment group and control group.2.Both groups were treated by Quinolone-kind drug of breathing to anti-infection. Treatment group added to Add taste ma xing shi gan tang.Compare their curative effe -ct and test WBC、GR%、GR#、CRP、TNF-αbefore and after therapy.3.Statietical analysis were carried out by SPSS 12.0 software.Results:1.Observation of curative effect:There was significant curative effect of disease an -d traditional Chinese medicine symptoms in the treatment group after 7 days(P<0.05). Comparison of integral in traditional Chinese medicine symptoms:treatment group got better obviously effect both after 7 and 10 days(P<0.05).2.Intervention of Add taste ma xing shi gan tang recipe to indicatrix of phlegmon -osis:①Indexes related to blood routine detetion:there is no statistically significant dif -ference between the two groups’ normalization rate of leukocyte count,neutrophlls perc entage and neutrophil count.But the comparative analysis of the actual measure value and their difference of leukocyte,the effect of the treatment group was superior to the control group significantly(P<0.05).②There was no singnificant difference of C-react -ive protein’s normalization rate between two groups,but there were differences after t -reatment and difference value of pre and post treatment in comparison of actual value. The effect of treatment group was significantly superior to that of control group(P< 0.05).③There was no singnificant difference in the decrease rate of Tumor Necrosis Factor-αand its measure value of post treatment,but there were differences in the val -ue of pre and post treatment(P<0.05).3.Obvious side effects or adverse reaction were not found during the therapeutic process in the two groups.No patients exit during the experiment.Conclusion:1.By non-blind randomized controlled clinical study,it indicated that compound Add taste ma xing shi gan tang recipe with Western medicine can significantly improve the clinical symptoms of Wind-warm Lung-heat disease(Community Acquired Pneumonia), have efficiency of eliminating phlegm by cooling,and reduce level of WBC、CRP and TNF-α,which was superior to using Western medicine only in some degree.2.Controling inflammation reaction,reducing the level.Having synergistic effect to antibiotic in treating infectious diseases,is one of the possible mechanism of Chinese drug in clearing away heat and dispersing phlegm.3.Add taste ma xing shi gan tang recipe has obvious effect and scurity on Comm -unity-acquired Pneumonia.

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