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Author: YangLianHai
Tutor: DanXiaoGang
School: East China Normal University
Course: Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords: Central Asia Geopolitical game National interests Central Asia Strategy
CLC: D737
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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After the end of the Cold War, the international situation in the Central Asian countries to become new geo-strategic space. Central regions of the \Especially the \spoke diplomatic shift to peaceful rise strive for greater living space, and Central Asia, the unique geographical location, rich natural resources and the complex political situation for China's political security, economic security, and peaceful rise has important practical significance. article from Asia's strategic position of the start, Russia, the U.S. interests and objectives in Central Asia were analyzed, and then the two countries in the \theoretical thinking. thesis is divided into four parts: The first part of the contents geopolitical position in Central Asia around the changes to its strategic position to analyze the importance of this part of the contents of the \periods, \the rise in the status of regional security, great power rivalry intensifies, geo-strategic position in Central Asia rose, led the international security situation in Central Asia to become unstable \point the security situation in Central Asia and the political and economic development trends on the United States, Russia, the three countries have had a significant impact. detailed analysis of the contents of the second part of Russia, America's national interests in Central Asia and the two countries' geopolitical game situation, pointing out that America's national interests in Central Asia is one of the occupation of the 21st century the world's energy supply base, to prevent a resurgent Russia, which Russia wants to Central Asian oil and gas resources as a means to accelerate regional economic integration as opposed to national interests, the decision the fierce competition between the two countries in Central Asia, Russia is a sovereign traditional forces in Central Asia, Central Asia, the United States is the upstart, Russia and the United States in Central Asia, the general trend is that both sides have their own strengths, pitted against the United States have the capital, technology, cultural superiority, has a strong political, economic and military capabilities, but does not border with Central Asia, and the religious, cultural and Central Asia are too different. Russia has deep historical basis, and Central Asian countries in the political, economic, cultural, language, social and other aspects closely linked, geopolitical, cultural, traditional advantages, control of energy-exporting countries of Central Asia, but the economic strength of the poor, and the Central Asian countries want it as soon as possible to get rid of the expectations of economic difficulties have not small, and Central Asian countries Russia wary. Currently, the two sides of forces in Central Asia, the situation is that both sides who can not completely replace each other, only in competition at the CCP, but Russia and the United States in Central Asia and the competitive position of the CPC at the inequality: American Strategy up in a strong, although Russia strengths, but in general is weak. third part analyzes the importance of China in Central Asia. pointed out China's energy imports in Central Asia could become a source of diversification and regional economic partner, For our safeguard energy security, accelerate the development of large-scale development process, narrow the gap has an important role; can inhibit the \buffer zone, breaking the United States on China's strategic encirclement and containment, to provide a stable peaceful rise of China's strategic space around the fourth part of the competitive landscape in Central Asia and China in Central Asia interest demands, from a strategic guiding ideology, strategic organization relying and three areas to explore strategic focus and thinking Chinese Central Asia geostrategic framework, pointing out that China in Central Asia's geo-strategic choice on the one hand to reflect the cooperation and development, seeking win-win cooperation in the spirit of cooperation in order to \diplomatic philosophy as a guide, and advocate a new security concept, in Central Asia, and strive to create an environment conducive to ensuring peace, stability geopolitical environment on the other hand, also from China's actual situation, combined with the national interests, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a strategic basis, to focus on energy cooperation, accelerate regional economic integration process, and insisted on \strategic opportunities China's peaceful rise provide a good external environment. Overall, China as a third-party forces in Central Asia, United States and Russia should remain flexible policy, leaving adequate room for offensive and defensive strategies.

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