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By Tao Bin to Korean Minority Society Influence

Author: ZhangLong
Tutor: JinChunShan
School: Yanbian University
Course: Specialized History
Keywords: Tao Bin Japanese consulate the Koreans’ society
CLC: K28
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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During the late of the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the Yanbian area was a a diplomacy conflict unceasing hot spot area. The massive Korean National Minority population gathered at this area, with the upsurge in anti-Japan war, Yanbian area became the center of Koreans anti-Japan movement.Since the Meiji Reformation, the wild ambition expand increased day by day. In 1894, Japan launched the Sino-Japanese War to China, won the victory, began to control Korea, captured Taiwan of China. From 1904 to 1905, the Japan-Russia war broke out, the war ended up with the victory of Japan, then Japan dominated the northest of China with Russia and ended up Russia dominated exclusively. In order to deal with the next probability Japan-Russia war and expand the invasion force in the Northeast of China,Japan provoked the island issue of China-Japan by utilized the immigration of Korea, and then stretched the force into Yanbian area. In 1910, after Japan annexed Korea, drew support from Korean immigrant’s question, provoked the disturbance constantly, expanded it’s invasion force in the Chinese Northeastern. Because Yanbian area was the largest Koreans compact community in the Northeast of China, Yanbian area became the focus of contradiction conflict of China and Japan.From Tao Bin took up the post of the Room of Yanji in 1907 to he died in the September 17th 1928, remove the years from 1914 to 1920 when he hold the post of Ji Chang, he hold a post in Yanbian area for more than 17 years. Because of it’s status and the unique geographical factor of the focus of conflict between China and Japan, his administrative impacted greatly on the Koreans’ society.The article is divided into six chapters, The first chapter is the introduction, it makes every effort to elaborate the main core of this article , points out this article’s subject.The second chapter mainly elaborates Tao Bin’s assignment and the modern administration evolution of Yanbian area, makes every effort to manifests the importance of Tao Bin’s administrative objectively through his personal experience and the time’s background, and his executing the policy must have the major impact inevitably to the Korean National Minority society.The third chapter elaborates Tao Bin’s policy to Korean National Minority society’s being naturalized and the education,the naturalization is naturalized the role which raises one kind of national sense of belonging the nature, in the natural history’s nationality function has certain limitation,but Tao Bin and other state officials’ efforts played a certain extent upholstery function diligently in promoting the Chinese Korean National Minority’s formation;Chinese side’s educational policy has a very big relations with Japan’s colonizes the education. The Chinese side has respected the Korean National Minority society educational circles’ request to Korean National Minority’s assimilation educational policy certain extent. The fourth chapter mainly elaborates Tao Bin and the Korean National Minority society’s anti-imperialism and antifeudalism movement, it is also the article’s hard core.Undeniably, the Chinese side in treats the Korean National Minority anti-Japanese movement in the manner, has resists Japan’s significance, the main purpose is to reduce Japan to use the Korean National Minority to the Chinese sovereignty aggression.Relatively speaking,uses,maintenances, encourage the Korean National Minority the anti-Japanese movement also become one method.Tao Bin’s mainly manifests to Korean National Minority’s anti-imperialism and antifeudalism movement’s influence is treating the Korean National Minority to arm the movement, the news, the pro-Japanese association as well as communism movement several aspects.The fifth chapter elaborates Tao Bin’s ruling characteristic, also has manifested the ceramic refined thought other aspect, a historical personage has its limited one side inevitably, Tao Bin is not exceptional.Here has mainly contrasted several important historical personages who affects Korean National Minority society: Wu Dacheng, Wu Lu are loyal, Zhang Shiquan, Zhang Qihuai. We can see the difference between Tao Bin and the others through the contrast to the Japenese negotiation in with these official’s difference,And can thus reflect his being in power characteristic. The sixth chapter makes every effort objective evaluation Tao Bin’s influence to the Yanbian area Korean National Minority society’sThrough talking Tao Bin’s administrative impact on the Koreans’ society, this text makes every effort to explain his historical achievements of maintaining the national tights, promoting the Koreanssociety form and develop objective.

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