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Preparation of Perovskite-Type Lean-Burn NSR Catalysts BaFeO3 and Their NOx Storage and Sulfur-Resistance Performance

Author: ZhangXingWen
Tutor: MengMing;LiXinGang
School: Tianjin University
Course: Industrial Catalysis
Keywords: Sol-gel method Perovskite structure Oxygen hole The NO_x save performance Sulfur Resistance Regeneration performance
CLC: O643.36
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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In this paper, citric acid sol-gel method as a ligand was prepared by the CA samples, and PH samples were prepared through precise control sol pH value and citric acid-EDTA EDTA samples were prepared as ligands. The means 2 -TPD and XPS, XRD, FT-IR, DRIFTS, NO-TPD, H 2 -TPR, O characterized the structure of the catalyst, NO x storage, anti-sulfur and regeneration performance. XRD results show that the matter in the the CA samples under the 750 ° C air flow calcination phase of BaFeO 2.73 phase and BaFeO2.67 phase and BaCO 3 phase and a small amount of tip The Spar phase of BaFe 2 O 4 , and the PH samples and EDTA samples with single perovskite phase, and a more complete crystal structure. Investigated sample at 400 ° C when the NO x storage performance and sulfur resistance, found that although the the PH samples and EDTA samples NO x storage performance is less than the CA samples, but their The sulfur resistance significantly better than the CA samples. In-depth study of the CA samples and EDTA samples and found that the catalyst the two NO x storage activity center bit, one for barium carbonate, NO x bulk stored in the form of nitrates; another oxygen hole ligand A Ba atoms, NO x can be stored to the nitrate in the form of N-bonded thereto active. For samples after vulcanization, the results indicate that EDTA the sample surface is formed the ferric sulfate species hinder the perovskite structure Ba sulfate, it has good characteristics of resistance to sulfur. Catalyst regeneration performance investigation found that EDTA samples can achieve NO x adsorption - decomposition cycle, thus restoring the catalyst NO x storage center. We further compared the influence of calcination temperature PH samples and EDTA samples, found that the the PH samples have better NO x storage performance, sulfur resistance and regeneration performance. In addition, also found that oxygen vacancies in the perovskite structure conducive the NO x of storage, while the surface of the catalyst of this oxygen vacancy distribution of the active center is also very important, when the high degree of sintering, the catalyst The availability of oxygen contained mainly concentrated in the body relative to the active centers on the surface is greatly reduced, resulting in a significant decrease of the storage capacity of the NO x . Integrated NO x storage, anti-sulfur and regeneration performance, the pH of the sample of 750 ° C roasting perovskite-type catalyst of the series in the most prospects for the development of nitrogen oxide storage reduction catalyst.

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