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Preparation of Rapeseed Protein from Rapeseed Meal in a Reverse Micelle System and the Study on Its Stpwise Enzymatic Hydrolysis

Author: ChenRui
Tutor: SongWei
School: Nanjing University of Finance and Economics
Course: Agricultural Products Processing and Storage Engineering
Keywords: Brown rice Reducing sugar Catalase Texture Cooking Interactions
CLC: S511
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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China is the largest producer of rice paddy storage in accordance with the current storage conditions need to occupy a larger storage capacity. And storage and transportation, the cost of transportation and labor required, such as change the rice storage Circulation brown rice circulation methods can effectively solve the above problem. In this paper, some of the major issues of brown rice storage, 2009 rice production as test material, the use of nitrogen cylinders filled with nitrogen tune handling, brown rice stored at different oxygen concentration, temperature, moisture sealed set good container, select of reducing sugar in brown rice, catalase, texture and cooking quality as typical indicators to measure quality changes in brown rice, and to provide a theoretical basis for large-scale real warehouse Tibetan brown rice. The main results are as follows: (1) Brown rice under hypoxic conditions and stored under natural conditions, the difference of its changes in the content of reducing sugar is present, the moisture of brown rice of 25 ° C for the next 13.5% in the 150 days of the storage period 4 oxygen gradient ( 2%, 5%, 8%, 21%) of brown rice, a reducing sugar content are gradually increased, respectively, 77%, 89%, 102%, 132%. Hypoxia a short period of time can effectively inhibit the increase of reducing sugar in brown rice. Reducing sugar content of 14.5% moisture content in brown rice under natural storage conditions at 25 and 30 ° C under the conditions of the first 120 days of storage period a rapid increase of 174% and 176%, respectively, and then quickly decreased by 18% and 27%, respectively. Higher storage temperature, the brown rice in the trend of reducing sugar content is increased and then decreased. Brown rice with high moisture content in the natural storage conditions in different storage temperature, wherein the reducing sugar content of the change tendency is different. (2) within 150 days of the storage period, the temperature 20 ° C, moisture 13.5% four oxygen concentration gradient (2%, 5%, 8%, 21%), brown rice its catalase activity decreased by 8%, respectively, 10%, 13%, 26%. Description hypoxia storage can effectively suppress the rate of descent of the brown rice in catalase activity. Natural storage conditions, brown rice in catalase activity decline rate is much faster than under hypoxia. Look under the storage conditions of natural water brown rice under different temperature conditions of 13.5% hydrogen peroxide activity changes, the brown rice at high temperature (30 ℃) hydrogen peroxide activity changes than the low temperature and the room temperature to be much faster, 15 ℃ and 30 ℃, the brown rice in catalase activity multiple differences in the level of P = 0.020 <0.05, significant difference. Brown rice in 15 ℃ water under natural storage conditions over multiple differences catalase activity significantly compared Sig of level greater than 0.05, the brown rice at 15 ℃ under different water within 150 days of its hydrogen peroxide activity changes affect not significant, 30 ° C, 16.5% of the high moisture content of brown rice in storage after 90 days over the activity of catalase still more substantial decline. Moisture and temperature are the main factors to affect grain respiration, but the two are not isolated, both interaction. (3) after the detection by the texture of brown rice under different storage conditions and cooking quality, texture and cooking quality indicators between significant correlation, as follows: hardness, elasticity and water absorption of brown rice into a significant positive correlation . Correlation coefficients were 0.718,0.783; flexibility and expansion rate showed a significant positive correlation, the correlation coefficient was 0.816. Adhesion and rice soup in the dry matter was significant correlation, the correlation coefficient was 0.716. Therefore, to evaluate the available hardness, viscosity, adhesion, elasticity, brown rice eating quality. (4) combination of Design-Expert software, the establishment of a reducing sugar, two indicators of catalase mathematical evaluation model; reducing sugar Evaluation multivariate linear regression equation: Y1 = 0.79453 0.02950 × A 0.071750 × B 0.09450 × C 2.51200 × A × B-0.040750 × A × C-0.019250 × B × C (wherein A, B, C respectively represent the storage of oxygen concentration, temperature, and the brown rice moisture); catalase activity Evaluation Multiple linear regression equations: Y1 = 7.33-0.16 × A-0.55 × B-0.64 × C 0.075 × A × B 0.003 × A × C 0.13 × B × C-0.24 × A2-0.017 × B2-0.24 × C2 (wherein A, B, C respectively represent the storage of oxygen concentration, temperature and moisture of brown rice). Can be drawn through software analysis, oxygen concentration, temperature, moisture brown rice quality have a significant effect on the interaction between various factors and the interaction of temperature and moisture reducing sugar content of brown rice in the enzyme activity of hydrogen peroxide is extremely significant .

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