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Polymorphisms of Y-STRs in Uygur and Kazak Ethnic in Xinjiang

Author: TuErXun·NiYaZiBiLiGai
Tutor: GuLiNaEr·KuErBan
School: Xinjiang Medical University
Course: Pathology and Pathophysiology
Keywords: Y chromosome Y-STR Polymorphism Haplotype Frequency Genetic Diversity Uyghurs Kazak
CLC: R394
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Objective: To study polymorphism on 17 Y-STR Gene in Y chromosome among Uyghurs from Hotan region and Kazaks from Altai region. To explore genetic polymorphism, obtain frequency of each gene marker, understand the difference in individual identification rate of each gene marker among two different ethnic group, and to discuss the application of Yfiler-kit in forensic medicine. At the same time, to provide basic data for public security agencies of Xinjiang about the haplotype frequency and accumulated identification rate of 17 Y-STR in Uyghur subjects from Hotan and Kazak subjects from Altai. Method: We collected individual blood samples from unrelated 96 Uyghur and 97 Kazak male participants. Using AmpFISTR-YfilerTM 5 colour florescent complex amplification system by ABI company, DNA samples were extracted using the Chelex-100 method. 17 Y-STR gene markers were amplified in one reaction tube, and amplification materials were analyzed using ABI 3130XL genetic analyzer. Data was analyzed with GeneMapper ID v3.3 software and Y-STR typing results were obtained after being collected using Data Collection 3.0 software.Result: In 96 Uyghur individuals, genetic diversity (GD) values of DYS456, DYS389Ⅰ, DYS390, DYS389Ⅱ, DYS458, DYS19, DYS385a/b, DYS393, DYS391, DYS439, DYS635, DYS392, Y-GATA-H4, DYS437, DYS438, and DYS448 are distributed within 0.5300 and 0.9412; These markers were observed to be 95 haplotypes, the haplotypes diversity value is 0.9998; In 97 Kazak individuals, genetic diversity (GD) values of these loci are distributed within 0.2769 and 0.8643; These markers were observed to be 95 haplotypes, the haplotypes diversity value is 0.9996. Conclusion: Uyghurs from Hotan, Xinjiang showed high degree of polymorphism in 17 Y-STR loci. AmpFISTR-YfilerTM Test-kit by ABI Company can be used to paternity test and evolution of paternal genes in order to provide valuable genetic information. However, Kazak subjects from Altai demonstrated poor variability among some spots of 17 Y-STR gene markers (GD Value<0.5). More samples might be needed in order to validate the value of YfilerTM Test-kit in identifying 17 Y-STR genetic variability among Kazaks.

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