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Treatment Compliance and Its Determinants in the Community Methadone Maintenance Clinic in Huangpu District

Author: YaoZuo
Tutor: HeNa;DaiLiQiang
School: Fudan University
Course: Public Health
Keywords: Methadone maintenance treatment Heroin Addiction Compliance Depigmentation
CLC: R749.64
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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[Objective] The study of heroin addicts methadone maintenance treatment adherence and its influencing factors. [Methods] The epidemiological cohort study, collected August 30, 2007 to February 2009 and 28 into the group to accept Huangpu District, methadone Community Drug maintenance treatment of heroin addicts (not including the referral of cases) social Demographic characteristics, drug abuse history and the methadone treatment data, a total of 223 cases, using Excel software for data entry, sorting, application SPSS16.0 software descriptive statistics, univariate and multivariate Logistic regression analysis, count data was used to compare the cards square test, the measurement data of the rank-sum test was used to compare. [Results] 223 patients, males accounted for 78.5%, with an average age of 42.29 ± 8.13 years, women accounted for 21.5%, with an average age of 37.46 ± 6.82 years old, unmarried, divorced and widowed persons accounted for 62.8% of primary and junior high school education accounted for 57.9%, unemployed or unemployed accounted for 93.3% and accounted for 65.5% general relationship with his family; drugs for the first time men with an average age of 31.14 ± 8.21 years, 27.98 ± 8.36 years for women, all objects in the abuse of heroin, the average drug addiction Year 10.30 ± 4.59 years, the average number of daily drug addicts 1.06 ± 0.66 g, injecting drug users accounted for 73.1%, of which there were seven acts of sharing syringes with others, accounting for 4.3% of injecting drug users; 223 cases of heroin addicts positive for anti-HCV rate of 77.1%, injecting drug use actors to anti-HCV positive rate was 84.2%, and their risk of suffering from hepatitis C is treated with oral or hot smoking addicts '6 .49 times, injecting drug use is the main route of transmission of hepatitis C ; methadone treatment first dose of an average of 25.94 ± 7.78mg dose of the first day of an average of 32.54 ± 15.78mg introduction period to adjust the number of days an average of 6.33 ± 3.92 days, an average of 304.77 ± 201.28 days treatment days, the treatment of the average dose of 48.57 ± 21.04mg. Good compliance study of 223 cases, 67 (30.0%), 156 (70.0%) dropped out, in which 111 people depigmentation time, accounting for 71.2% of the drop out of the total number of multiple depigmentation, 45, 28.8 % of heroin addicts in methadone patients in the first six months (103 depigmentation, accounting for 66.0%), especially in the first three months (62 depigmentation, 39.7%) occurred depigmentation likely obvious, major events, and the end of the year depigmentation phenomenon. Univariate logistic regression analysis showed that: a good relationship with his family dropout rate (46.0%) compared with the relations in general (80.8%); age of first-time drug addicts dropout rate of the 14-23 age group (76.4%) was higher than 34 - The 43-year-old group (58.2%). Non-parametric statistics rank sum test results show: the the the maintenance group depigmentation group first dose of treatment days, medication statistically significant difference in the number of days. Multivariate logistic regression analysis results show that: the 21-30 age group dropped out of the study than the 51 to 62 age group; relationship with his family as well drop out rate than relations generally were lower; enrolled in methadone treatment daily heroin number of 1.0-2.0 g group compared lt; 1.0 g group dropout rate; methadone taking the longer days, the dropout rate is lower, the better the compliance. [Conclusion] Huangpu District, heroin addicts on methadone maintenance lower adherence to treatment, heroin addicts MMT compliance should be strengthened to reduce the dropout.

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