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On the psychological mechanisms of context to value

Author: YuHengYuan
Tutor: HanBaoYu
School: Shaanxi Normal University
Course: Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords: Locales Speech Communication Expression Accepted Psychological mechanisms
CLC: H030
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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From the theory of context since the birth of context definition, classification, and issues such as the role of context a lot of research, but on the whole context, little psychological mechanism involving the implementation of Context Value How, in other words, most researchers and not in-depth discussion of a wide variety of contexts is into which language communication, as well as how to play a role in the process of communication. This article intends to supplement and expand on the the Context Value psychological mechanism in the process of verbal communication. Currently, some scholars have begun to pay attention to the important role played by psychological mechanisms of Context in verbal communication, and this study. Psycholinguist this also have a certain understanding, but there are still some limitations such cognitive On this basis, starting from the definition of context, the context of the different types of context and discusses the value significance, analyze, and then on the understanding of the Context Value psychological process through psychological analysis of the role of different types of context-depth argumentation the Context Value psychological mechanism. The specific reads as follows: definition of context predecessors have conducted many, but more than the context loosely defined as the locale, this definition ignores the dynamic characteristics of the context, because verbal communication by that may be the context of follow-up dialogue. In view of this, the context definition generated for the language, changes in the expression and understanding of the environment. This definition not only take care of to the wide range of locales, but also demonstrates the dynamic nature of the context. This article summarizes summarizes generate context play in the process of verbal communication, assimilation, alienation, proliferation and expression of five kinds of role, and scholars authoritative classification based on the basis of previous studies, informative corpus basis, Context, verbal scenarios and verbal background three categories discussed in-depth and detailed several roles played by the various types of context in the process of verbal communication. The how Context five role to play an important role in the process of verbal communication? In this regard, the majority of people recognize there is a certain misunderstanding that the context is objective, that is, the immediate environment of verbal communication. For the existence of such a misunderstanding leads to the author's point of view, that all context through the people's own vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch five sensing organs and moved into their own spiritual consciousness content which, and to be transformed into after something inherent communicative subjects can be consciously use them socially. Reality communicative awareness of context, there are two cases: a communicative subjects aware of the presence of contextual elements: two, communicative subjects unaware of the existence of the contextual factors. In this instance interpretation. Regardless of how the classification of context to make it play a role must be internalized through the five sense organs. For more specific understanding of the psychological effects, the third part of this article will have a different context type to do a detailed analysis of the psychological. In order to make this kind of psychological analysis more intuitive, divided into objective context, subjective Context and Context. Psychological process analysis objective context to value objective life phenomenon and text description of the objective scene example; the subjective context the role of the process from the angle of expressive and receptive, because of the psychological effect of restricting, expressive and receptive awareness content between four different state - the same intersection, from departure from. Context is the angle of departure from the combination of modern Chinese rule, small syllables, words, large paragraphs are also must exist in the mental awareness of content such rules and its context, to play a role. This study, broaden the context value in the process of verbal communication research areas, and also for communicative subjects in communication on the use of context to provide a theoretical basis.

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