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Preparation and Characterization of Semiconducting Indium-containing Compounds

Author: MaYun
Tutor: MaWanYong
School: Shandong Institute of Light Industry
Course: Chemical processes
Keywords: In2O3 InOOH In OH 3 Solvothermal Mm crystal Nitrogen-doped indium oxide
CLC: O472
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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By solvothermal method, at 160-200 ° C was prepared by three different phases of indium compound ( indium oxide, the hydroxy indium oxide and indium hydroxide ) . The samples were characterized by XRD , FTIR , XPS, TEM , SEM , PL , UV-Vis and photocatalytic characterization . The results indicate that the prepared various phases are relatively pure, good crystallinity . Wherein the indium oxide ( of In 2 < / sub> O 3 ) a particle diameter of about 5-10 nm dispersed nanoparticles , hydroxide, indium ( In (OH ) 3 ) as the particle diameter of 50-160 nm between the nano - party body , while oxyhydroxide indium ( InOOH ) , nano-rods (diameter of approximately 100 nm, and the length of 800-1500 nm) , and \structure ; In 2 < / sub > the O 3 < / sub> and InOOH both PL phenomenon , and for 2 < / sub> O 3 bandgap of In 4.20 eV; the obtained samples have good UV catalytic effect . Further, the various factors affecting the reaction system in comparison investigated , such as reaction temperature, reaction time , and added in an amount of sodium acetate , and water added in an amount ; three indium compound nanostructure formation mechanism discussed . In 2 the O 3 - xNx Solvothermal autoclave . By comparing the effect of nitrogen-doped with different nitrogen sources and different ratio of raw materials . The results show that the effect of nitrogen-doped sodium azide as a nitrogen source and doped with nitrogen-doped nitrogen ratio is relatively good , and highest doped with nitrogen content up to 3.6% . Hydrothermal Synthesis of In (OH ) 3 mm / sub- mm crystal , and typical samples were characterized by XRD , TG / DSC , EDS and SEM characterization . The results showed that prepared as In (OH) 3 is the maximum edge up to 1.5 mm in nearly cuboid block , the smooth surface of the block body by the In (OH) 3 nanosheets self-assembly formed . Meanwhile, the influence factors on the crystal growth associated exploration , such as reaction time and temperature , NaOH concentration , the type of inducing agent and the inducing agent added , wherein the inducing agent plays a decisive role in the formation of crystals . Also mm crystal formation mechanism .

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