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On the Study of Phoneme System and Phonetic Quality of High Vowels in Madarin

Author: HuangYing
Tutor: WangZuoJia
School: Beijing University
Course: Chinese Philology
Keywords: high vowels phonetic quality medial coda labiodentals
CLC: H11
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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many scholars of Chinese Phonetics conducted academic researches on the high vowels of Mandarin, among which there are significant differences about the phonetic qualities of high vowels in monophthong, diphthong, triphthong and nasal. This paper aims to absorb the results of previous studies, base on the phonetic samples pronounced by 50 Mandarin native speakers, acoustically measure the allophones of high vowels in a large-sample method. According to the results of measurement, we will give the linguistic description of the phonetic qualities of high vowels in different environments, then test previous related hypotheses and explore some unfathomed issues in previous researches.This paper sets the phonetic qualities of high vowels of Mandarin in monophthongs as the target. We compare the phonetic qualities of high vowels in diphthong, triphthong and nasal with the target, contrast the closely related and corresponding diphthong, triphthong and nasal mutually. Conclusions are got as follows:Ⅰ. The conclusions got by testing previous related hypotheses.ⅰFor the the high vowels of Mandarin in monophthong, the tongue position relation is too complex to get an assured and exclusive result.ⅱAccording to the acoustic evidence, it’s more appropriate to classify long as Cuokou(finals beginning with /y/).iii In diphthongs and triphthongs, coda is more inclined to be influenced by nucleus than medial.iv In Beijing dialect, there is an obvious tendency that the start of zero initial Hekou (finals beginning with /u/) are pronounced as labiodentals. And it takes on certain rules with gender and nucleus changing. Ⅱ. Some conclusions for the issues involved rarely in previous researches.ⅰu is more inclined to be influenced by nucleus than i and u.ⅱFor high vowels of Mandarin, the tongue backness is more inclined to be influenced by nucleus than the tongue height.

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