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Preparation and Properties of Al_4SiC_4

Author: ZhouZuo
Tutor: DengChengJi
School: Wuhan University of Science and Technology
Course: Materials Physics and Chemistry
Keywords: Al4SiC4 Microstructure Hydration Resistance Antioxidant Slag resistance
CLC: TQ175.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Al 4 SiC 4 has a high melting point (about 2037 ℃), high strength, high chemical stability, low density, low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent resistance to oxidation and hydration performance, etc., it is expected to become a high performance refractories, all these years more and more attention. Currently synthetic Al 4 SiC 4 materials used mainly synthetic materials, although can be prepared Al 4 SiC 4 materials However, the preparation of the corresponding high cost, the use of natural raw materials to prepare, the relatively low cost, is conducive to large-scale industrial applications. In this thesis, a flint, industrial aluminum powder, activated carbon powder as raw materials in high-temperature synthesis Al 4 SiC 4 composite process to study the synthesis process Reaction Mechanism and process analysis of the best ratio of raw materials, the best synthesis temperature, holding time, etc. in order to raise Al 4 SiC 4 yield. Use of XRD, SEM, EDS and other testing technique to study the phase composition of synthetic materials and microstructure by thermal analysis (TG-DTA) studied the oxidation process of synthetic materials, in addition we also sintering properties of synthetic materials, antioxidant properties, hydration resistance and slag resistance tests carried out relevant research. After analysis the following conclusions: (a) at 1700 ℃ and 1800 ℃, with flint, aluminum powder, activated carbon powder as the raw material can be synthesized Al 4 SiC 4 materials. As the temperature increases, the ratio of the samples corresponding to Al 4 SiC 4 of formation have significantly increased, phase tends to be more single, final can be obtained only with Al 4 SiC 4 and Al 4 O 4 C two-phase composite materials. (2) the sintering properties of the composite material, the porosity of the sintered samples was significantly reduced, the volume density, compressive strength is also greatly improved. The sample sintered Al 4 SiC 4 piled up between the grains of the sheet is more compact, reducing the gap, and the thickness of a sheet-like increase. (3) Al 4 SiC 4 powder begins oxidation temperature is about 800 ℃, Al 4 SiC 4 the oxidation of the sample after the block oxide layer consists of three parts, namely the reaction layer, the inner oxide layer and an outer oxide layer. Al 4 SiC 4 bulk sample after erosion by slag slag line is very clear, and the internal portion of the slag clearly separated. Synthetic Al 4 SiC 4 materials showed good antioxidant effects and strong anti-corrosion properties. (4) in the anti-hydration experiments, an excess of Al powder on hydration resistance of synthetic material has a negative impact. Hydration before and after, 1800 ℃ after burning the sample A4, the minimum rate of weight gain, it does not change the phase composition, the best hydration resistance. Synthetic composite materials Al 4 SiC 4 particles generally hexagonal flakes or small particles, relatively large size, more than ten microns to tens of microns Room; With increasing temperature, the grains gradually grew, the particle size increases, and Al 4 SiC 4 started by the hexagonal flake particles of irregular flakes changes in morphology more regular. Al 4 O 4 C smaller particles present in Al 4 SiC 4 and crevices around the particles.

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