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HLA-DQB1 Alleles Polymorphism and the Association with Clinical Features of Multiple Sclerosis

Author: XiaoLiHua
Tutor: WuXiaoMu
School: Nanchang University
Course: Neurology
Keywords: Multiple sclerosis Clinical features HLA-DQB1 HLA Ⅱ polymorphism
CLC: R744.51
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Objective To summarize the southern parts of the Han people with multiple sclerosis (multiple sclerosis, MS) patients with clinical features, and their CSF, evoked potentials and radiographic analysis; explore the human leukocyte antigen (Human Leukocyte Antigen, HLA)-DQB1 allele gene polymorphism and some areas in southern China Han population correlation of MS. Methods From predisposing factors, onset form, duration type, the first symptom, involving parts of the laboratory examinations and other aspects of the situation of the hospital from August 2004 to February 2010, 92 inpatient and outpatient MS patients were retrospectively analysis; sequencing based typing method (SBT) 42 cases of them southern Chinese MS patients and 48 normal controls were HLA-DQBl allele and MS compared with the control group allele frequency differences between . Results (1) clinical analysis: 92 patients with MS, the male to female ratio of 1:1-2; average starting age of (41.20 ± 13.55) years; onset forms: acute 16.30%, subacute 42.39%, 41.30% chronic; duration: a relapse remitting accounted for 60.87%; initial symptoms: weakness 54.35%, 38.04% paresthesia, visual disturbances 26.09%. Involving parts: the brain 68.48%, 47.83% optic nerve, spinal cord, 38.04%, 26.09% brainstem, cerebellum 14.13%. MRI: 84 routine MRI brain lesions found 73.81%, accounting for 38.10% of spinal cord. VEP: the positive rate was 67.69%; BAEP: positive rate was 55%. SEP: the positive rate was 66.67%. CSF: oligoclonal bands detected in 13 cases, were negative; CSF protein properly accounted for 51.79%. (2) HLA-DQB1 polymorphism analysis: were detected in 15 kinds of HLA-DQB1 alleles, including DQB1 * 0502 genotype frequencies in MS patients (35.7%) higher than the normal population (8.9%), the difference There was statistically significant (P = 0.0018, PC = 0.027, OR = 4.29). DQB1 * 0303 allele frequencies in MS patients (19%) lower than the normal population (39.6%) (P = 0.04, OR = 0.48), but this difference is not statistically significant after correction (Pc gt; 0.05) . HLA-DQB1 * 0601 and DQB1 * 0602 genotype frequencies in this group of MS patients and normal controls showed no significant difference between (both P gt; 0.05); (3) MS clinical characteristics and HLA-DQB1 alleles Correlation: RR-MS group HLA-DQB1 * 0502 genotype (38.9%) was significantly higher than the normal population (8.3%) (P = 0.001,), the corrected value of P (PC) is 0.015, and the difference statistical significance was not found with PP-MS-related HLA-DQB1 alleles. Found that female MS patients group DQB1 * 0502 genotype (42.3%) was significantly higher than the normal female population (6.1%) (P = 0.001,), the corrected value of P (PC) is 0.015, the difference is still statistically significant, while the male MS patients with normal male population between MS susceptibility gene was not found. Conclusions (1) MS premorbid more incentive to acute or subacute onset mainly common in women, duration and more ease - relapse, the first symptom to limb weakness or sensory abnormalities common, often involving the white matter and optic nerve, MRI , EP, CSF examination help to identify subclinical disease, improve diagnosis. (2) in Southern Han MS and HLA-DQB1 gene polymorphism associated with the West, the Japanese people who are different. Southern Han MS and HLA-DQB1 * 0502, but not with HLA-DQB1 * 0601 and DQBl * 0602 unrelated. (3) RR-MS with HLA-DQB1 * 0502 there is a correlation, MS susceptibility genes may exist gender differences.

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