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Doctors’ Organizational Commitment and Its Relationship with Turnover Intention

Author: ZhangGuangZuo
Tutor: ZhangNingJun
School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course: Human Resource Management
Keywords: Organizational commitment Emotional commitment Ideal commitment Normative commitment Ongoing commitment to Turnover Intention Medical
CLC: R197.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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With the deepening of the reform of health care, competition between hospitals is growing, the doctor \Therefore, how to create a more satisfying work environment, improve the doctor's level of organizational commitment, reduce the turnover rate, and thus for the hospital to win higher patient satisfaction and more stable development, hospital administrators need to be resolved problem. In this study, literature review, questionnaires, statistical analysis and other methods, and explore the internal structure and the overall level of organizational commitment of doctors, but also for different demographic variables difference. Defined on Organizational Commitment, commitment by Professor Ling Wen bolt, etc. of the organization explained: that organizational commitment is one kind of attitude of the employees of the organization, it can explain the employees why you want to stay in an enterprise, also test workers on the enterprise an indicator of the degree of loyalty. In addition to its contract regulations restricting wages and benefits and other economic factors, but also by the values, moral standards, the pursuit of an ideal, emotional factors and individual ability, interest and personality characteristics, and these cultural psychological factors on the commitment of workers behavior plays a decisive role. Then, the structure of the organizational commitment system research, commitment to the five-factor model and Meyer Allen's organization commitment on the basis of the three-factor model, summarized and combined, put forward the organizational commitment four reference Ling Wen bolt Professor etc. The organization factor model: the first is the emotional commitment of employees dependent on the feelings of the organization, recognition and input; continued commitment refers to employees leaving the organization brought about by the loss of cognitive; third normative commitment, reflects the employees to remain in the organization of a sense of duty; last one is ideal commitment, the main concern is the personal growth and the realization of the ideal. In the turnover intention problems research, this study whichever is the narrow definition of turnover intention is satisfied with the work, leaving the idea of ??looking for other work orientation and the overall performance of the possibility to find other work. To measure the overall level of doctor turnover intention difference for different demographic variables. On this basis, the study further explore the analysis of the relationship between doctors organizational commitment and its turnover intention, organizational commitment results show that doctors are the antecedents of turnover intention, both are negatively related. In the empirical study, selected for this study Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, 157 doctors as a sample survey and interviews to collect data related to. Exploratory factor analysis, analysis of variance, correlation analysis and regression analysis testing and analysis of the data, following conclusion of the study: 1, doctors organizational commitment structure consists of four dimensions: affective commitment, ideal commitment, continuous commitment and normative commitment. Four dimensions were tested significant positive correlation. Among them, the ideal commitment and emotional commitment to the strongest correlation. 2, the hospital doctors on the hospital's overall organizational commitment level on the middle level. In which the ideal commitment to the highest score, emotional commitment, followed by normative commitment and sustained low level of commitment. 3, hospital doctors demographic variables commitment to their organization has a certain impact: (1) men score higher than women on the ideal commitment score lower than women in the emotional commitment. (2) an unmarried doctor ideal level of commitment than married doctor. (3) 25-year-old age doctor ideal commitment, continuous commitment and normative commitment generally higher; ideal for ages above 41 years old doctor, commitment, affective commitment and normative commitment level is also higher. (4) Dr. educated doctor ideal level of commitment is significantly higher than the other qualifications of doctors; normative commitment, the level of commitment of college undergraduate degree doctor was significantly higher than the level of master's and doctoral degree of normative commitment. (5) the junior titles doctors ideal highest level of commitment. (6) Work Experience 1-2 years doctors, the ideal commitment, continuous commitment and emotional commitment level is generally higher than the other three phases doctor. 4, different gender, age and educational attainment doctors there are significant differences on turnover intention. Male than female departure tendency to low; greater the age, the higher the education level, the lower the turnover tendency. 5, the doctor was a significant negative correlation between organizational commitment and turnover intention. Which emotional commitment, ideal commitment and normative commitment was negatively correlated with turnover intention, he affective commitment and turnover intention the most significant. According to the results of the empirical analysis, this study suggests that hospital administrators should take the following measures to improve the doctor's level of organizational commitment to reduce the turnover rate of doctors: 1, the feelings of the doctor's commitment to its turnover intention the most significant and should therefore be First, to improve the doctor's level of emotional commitment. This requires focus on training for doctors pre and strengthen the guidance of the department head; 2, note-depth training to strengthen the doctor's commitment to high ideals. High ideal commitment of doctors to provide the appropriate training to have access to the latest scientific research in the medical field, to upgrade their technology and capacity; 3, for different demographic variables varies from person to person to develop and take policies and measures; 4, to create a good atmosphere of interpersonal communication. Medical work is extremely particular about teamwork, which requires communication between doctors, creating the atmosphere of respecting knowledge and harmonious working environment, the establishment of the hospital culture focused on teamwork; 5 full attention to high-level demand for doctors inspire and educate. Improvement of the demand for high-level doctors or meet often give the incentive to a large extent, thereby increasing the level of organizational commitment, conducive to the full, effective and sustained mobilization of the enthusiasm of doctors. Finally, I hope that the follow-up study to increase the sample size was introduced organizational commitment and its turnover intention in the study doctors more control variables, and the stability of the factor structure for doctors organizational commitment to be further explored to arrive at a more common, more explanatory power of the conclusions.

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