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Southern of Ordos Lower Paleozoic Erathem Sedimentary Facies

Author: LiuZhuo
Tutor: LinJinYan
School: Northwestern University
Course: Mineralogy,petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology
Keywords: Ordos southeast Lower Paleozoic Sedimentary facies Carbon and oxygen isotopic
CLC: P512.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Research area belongs to the south - eastern part of the Ordos Basin Hancheng Hanako Hill Hejin West mill mouth area as well as adjacent areas on the structure of the study area to cross three tectonic units : the Weibei uplift , western Shanxi flexible fold belt , northern Shaanxi slope , research horizon for the next Paleozoic ( Cambrian and Ordovician ) , belongs to the deposition of marine carbonate rocks . Detailed inspection of the results of previous studies as well as data collection and field geological exploration, measured on the basis of a large number of detailed study of the characteristics of Lower Paleozoic rocks in the study area , stratigraphic features , paleontological features , sedimentary facies and rock relative to the ancient geographical features , and by geochemical testing methods , sampling two typical sections of the study area Hanako Hill , West mill mouth , its carbonate carbon and oxygen isotope studies . The study area , the Paleozoic carbonate - limestone and dolomite , oolitic limestone, which contains more bioclastic limestone , bamboo-like limestone , oolitic dolomite , as well as smaller amounts of mudstone and gypsum salt rock . Lower Paleozoic in Ordos southeast development of the open sea platform ring land sandy mud flat facies ring land mud -flat facies cloud , cloud gray floor , the same types of sedimentary facies , and deposition phase will be described in detail , and explains the lower Paleozoic mainly sedimentary evolution characteristics . Through the study of carbon and oxygen isotopes in carbonate rock kind of cross-section of the the Shaanxi the Hancheng China sub SECTION Hejin West mill mouth , Shaanxi Hancheng the Hanako Hill section Cambrian carbonate rock oxygen isotope distribution of δ18O values ??range from -10.19 ‰ -5.65 ‰, the distribution range of carbon isotope δ13C value of -2.58 ‰ -0.69 ‰: the the Hejin West mill mouth section of Cambrian and Ordovician oxygen isotopes δ18O value distribution range of -9.64 ‰ - 5.94 ‰ , the distribution range of the carbon isotope δ13C value to -4.84 ‰ -0.41 ‰. Hancheng Hanako SECTION the Cambrian Zhangxia group at the bottom of the top of the Zhangxia group have a more obvious carbon and oxygen isotope positive excursion , the Hejin West mill mouth profile the Cambrian Maozhuang group with xuzhuang group at the junction the the Ordovician Majiagou group horse for some with horses , Sec junction of horse six sections were once obvious and oxygen isotope positive excursion .

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