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Serious Narration and Exploration of Meaning

Author: HeJin
Tutor: FangFuXian
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: Narrative rhetoric narrative time narrative personal arrangement narrative words type
CLC: I207.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Narrative as an important research point of view of literature has formed, but it took in one rhetoric significance the literature way was 20th century US critic James? Phelan and so on significant contribution. Research in the field of contemporary literature, although the narrative in various dimensions have been made extraordinary achievements, but what the definition of what is the origin of narrative seems to still not get the same conclusion. In fact, the narrative and rhetoric as a kind of cultural activities are a common subject for the expression of a particular meaning or effect of the choice of means and methods and modifications. From this sense, they coincide. The rhetoric in the traditional literary sense also holds many lessons for marking the interpretation of similar narrative. Therefore, necessary and required narrative as rhetoric.This article take the contemporary writer Li Rui creation as the center, the attempt will narrate study certain concepts makes the rhetoric understanding, well will carry on in order to the Li sharp novel in narrative factor the excavation ,in order to better align the narrative Li Rui novel factors in the mining, exploration of no previous exploration, not thinking of others Want to end the "narrative is everything, " the original formulation of Li Rui clear. The full text altogether divides into five major parts:Introduction, narrative as a possibility and necessity of rhetoric. This article thought narrated has obtained the uniformity with the rhetoric in the direction, and for shone upon mutually.James?Phelan in W?C?Booth "Novel Rhetoric" under the influence elaborated completely has taken the rhetoric the narrative validity, but this validity facilitated without doubt narrated study a research new cut-in. Writer Li Rui proposed“narrates is everything”, in its text narrative rhetoric factor is especially renowned.The first chapter, Li Rui novel set of narrative time. This article extirpates the Li Rui novel most important three time factors, namely: pause, repeat, perversion. Li Rui through utilizes these three kind of structure time unceasingly in its novel the rhetoric way, achieved oneself describes the history, demonstrates the space, pondered closely examines goal. Under such time establishment, the author, including local and urban, modern and contemporary space-time tracing to obtain a unique result.Second chapter, in Li Rui novel narrative personal arrangement. About the Li Rui novel narration angle of view, is a research least part. But narrates the angle of view question, regardless of regarding the creation or the theory all is extremely important. This article through the multiple first person limits to the Li Rui novel in knows the angle of view, the second personal dialogue angle of view, the third person is away from the angle of view utilization the careful analysis, tries hard to penetrate writer’s writing idea, middle the revelation the serious significance inquired about.Third chapter, in Li Rui novel narrative words type. The Li Rui considerable amount informal essay either directly or refers to the language indirectly, this reflects him to the language the value. In his novel, the language charm may not avoid. In the Li Rui novel words rich and Pakistan Hekking“the social mixed language”the theory agrees without prior consultationhappen to hold the same view. This article main decentralization strength words type, the first floor populace words type, some special words type three parts come to the Li Rui novel in the words to conduct the research, attempts the answer through the research which obtains is: The novel is not the construction above the abstract ideological difference, also is not the construction in the pure plot entanglement, but is the construction in the social mixed language.The conclusion, Li Rui is a serious aware writer, this manifests in him to the narrative rhetoric aware pursue. The contemporary many cutting edge writers play with narrate, the language, fictionalize. But they narrate merely treat as one kind of technology to operate. Li Rui proposes“narration is everything”, is not plays with the formalism the game, but is the real experience most appropriate expression way which seeks remembers with eternal gratitude, seeks human’s life best written way.

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