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Analysis of Epidemiology of Hypertension and Related Risk Factors Among Permanent Residents Aged 15 and Older in Shenzhen

Author: MaYuQuan
Tutor: YinPing;PengJi
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Epidemiology and Biostatistics,
Keywords: Hypertension Prevalence Awareness Treatment rates Control rate Risk factors
CLC: R181.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Objective: To understand the the epidemiological status quo of Shenzhen 15 years old to 69 years ordinarily resident in hypertension prevalence, awareness, treatment and control rates, the level of risk factors associated with hypertensive. Compare with the 1997 Shenzhen chronic disease epidemiology survey data to provide a basis for further improvement and the implementation of the Community of hypertension prevention measures in order to understand the prevalence of hypertension in Shenzhen, with the level of risk factors changes. Methods: A multi-stage stratified cluster random sampling method, Shenzhen 8782 15-year-old to 69-year-old resident resident survey, anthropometric measurements and laboratory tests. 1997 Shenzhen chronic disease epidemiology survey data re-processed according to uniform diagnostic criteria. Based on these two surveys, analysis of the major risk factors that change the degree of the impact of changes in the prevalence of hypertension, all the data by Epidata3.1 building a database and statistical analysis with SAS8.2 statistical software. Results: Compared with 1997, the investigation of hypertension standardized prevalence rate from 13.3% to 15.3%, an increase of 2 percentage points, men and women, respectively, increased by 13.9%, 12.8% to 17.6%, 13.6%, male rise about 4 percentage points; addition, the men surveyed prevalence of hypertension was significantly higher than women, and between men and women in 1997 was no significant difference. The hypertension awareness, treatment and control rates were 59.2%, 52.3%, 43.4%, male (53.3%, 43.8%, 18.8%) was lower in women (65.3%, 57.1%, 25.0%) (all P lt; 0.01); patients treated hypertension control rate was 43.4%, men and women, respectively, 42.9%, 43.8%, and the difference between its group was not statistically significant (P gt; 0.05); the elderly hypertension awareness, treatment , better control compared to the situation of young people in; and standardized awareness rate rose to 42.4% from 27.5% over 1997. Aging, overweight and obesity, dyslipidemia, family history of hypertension, alcohol consumption, smoking, hypertension is mainly related to the standardized rate of risk factors (aging as the original rate), respectively, from 28.6% in 1997, 29.5%, 37.3%, 19.1%, 8.6%, 18.1%, rose to 29.0%, 35.1%, 39.3%, 40.3%, 24.5%, and 22.1% (both P lt; 0.01) In addition, do not exercise rate-standardized rate from 67.7% down to 42.3% , high-salt diet compared with 43.4%. The survey exclude the effects of age, education level, marital status, occupation (aging only to exclude educational level, marital status, occupation) OR (95% CI), including 1 risk factor for the population attributable risk percentage ( PARP) followed by aging: 43.7%, overweight and obesity: 42.6%, dyslipidemia: 32.1%, family history of hypertension: 29.7%, alcohol consumption: 9.3%, with the same order as in 1997. 72.3% of the people there are three kinds of risk factors, with the presence of a number of risk factors for the rise in the prevalence of hypertension increased significantly. Conclusion: Shenzhen level of prevalence of hypertension in the national middle level aware of hypertension, treatment, and control of the situation compared to other cities of the country at a high level, but larger than the gap with developed countries and cities, absolute awareness, treatment, and control of the situation is still low. Shenzhen levels compared to 1997, the prevalence of hypertension in a significant increase in more than a decade, a significant increase in the male prevalence, little change for women, and female hypertension awareness, treatment, and control rates significantly higher than the male . The sharpest of the three risk factors compared with 1997, the increase in risk factors for drinking, family history of hypertension, overweight and obesity, respectively, an increase of 184.9%, 110.0%, 19.1%. But affect the greatest risk factor for the increased prevalence of hypertension is still aging, overweight and obesity, dyslipidemia. In addition, the number of risk factors and the incidence of hypertension also have a certain relationship, a positive correlation. Recommendation: to strengthen the leading role of the government in the prevention and control of hypertension disease, the development of effective prevention and control measures, optimize the allocation of resources based on community health service centers for the base, through a variety of channels, use of health education and community interventions means of a combination of comprehensive prevention and control, strengthen the monitoring of hypertension and its related behavioral risk factors, the intervention hypertensive behavioral risk factors maximize the effect, reduce the incidence and prevalence of hypertension and improve hypertension awareness. On the other hand, the norms of medical institutions hypertension treatment program, the rational use of drugs, efforts to improve the doctor-patient relationship, track and follow-up on some patients depending on the circumstances, to maximize the patients to adhere to treatment, increase dependency, and improve the treatment of hypertension and control rate.

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