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Fabrication of Microscale Ordered-reinforced Composite and Its Mechanical Characterization

Author: ZhangZhenJie
Tutor: ZhaoXiaoLin;WangHong
School: Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course: Electronics and Communication Engineering
Keywords: MEMS ANSYS Orderly reinforced composites Microscale Micromachining
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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With the needs of science and technology and production, MEMS (Micro Electro-MechanicalSystems) technology has been further developed in MEMS micro-device application environment has become increasingly complex, the new requirements of the new situation the MEMS Micro Devices preparation materials. Both traditional MEMS silicon material, or in recent years, the rise of non-silicon MEMS materials can not meet the new requirements, to adapt to the development of MEMS technology and MEMS micro-fabrication of the device and the application necessary to explore and R \u0026 D is different from the existing MEMS materials materials. Compared to the above materials, composite performance has designability offers the possibility to solve the new problems faced by the MEMS structural material. Mature composite learn theory and existing experimental conditions, the new requirements of its structural materials for MEMS micro-devices, we propose solutions for composite to choose good mechanical properties plating nickel wire as composite reinforcement physical and chemical properties stable electrophoretic polymer acrylic polyurethane ANSYS simulation results show that the sandwich filling and coated three different composite model in coated composite model in matrix parcel can effectively alleviate the reinforcements as the matrix of the composite material; The concentration of stress on the same conditions, be able to withstand greater stress; plating nickel wire to enhance the impact of the body of the overall configuration of the composite material properties to be greater than to enhance the content and size of the body volume of the composite material properties. Based on the simulation results, the design of four different enhanced shape-wrapped composite materials prepared through a typical micro-processing technology overall shape orderly plated nickel wire mesh reinforcement, using electrophoretic techniques to achieve electrophoretic polymer acrylic urethane The matrix with electroless nickel wire reinforced composite body wrapped purpose; final fiber wrapped type hexagonal wrapped, round wrapped and quadrilateral encapsulated four composites. DMA quasi-static microtensile results show that the performance of the composite material after the wrap type has a different increase, electrophoresis polymer matrix material has an average tensile strength (σb), the strain (ε) and the Young's modulus (E) were only 51.63MPa, 4.024% and 1.528GPa; fiber wrapped composite σb, ε and E were 125.04MPa, 4.257% and 5.991GPa three parameters are composite 2.42 times, 1.06 times and 3.9 times; six gon coated composite σb, ε, and E, respectively 125.6MPa, 3.791% and 6.035GPa strain in the decline in the cost of 0.233%, two other parameters of composite 2.45 times and 3.95 times, respectively; circular parcel σb, ε, and the E-type composite material were 151.7MPa, 3.242% and 5.289GPa in strain decreased cost of 0.728%, and the other two parameters are pre-composite 2.94 times and 3.46 times; quadrilateral the wrapped type composite material strength σb The ε and E 284.4MPa, 3.518% and 6.838GPa, deformation decreased the cost of 0.506%, the other two parameters of composite 4.5 times and 3.48 times respectively. Observation of the stress - strain curve (σ-ε) and SEM electron micrograph showed that the The electrophoresis polymer matrix composites such packages fracture will experience first fracture, followed by electroless nickel plating wire reinforced body different degrees of stress concentration occurs in varying degrees. plastic deformation, fracture, eventually led to the fracture failure of composite materials.

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