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The Study of Surface Gastrointestinal Pacemaker Union Domperidone and Gastrointestinal Hormone for the Patients with PDS

Author: PanJia
Tutor: LiuLi
School: Nanhua University
Course: Internal Medicine
Keywords: EGG Gastric emptying rate Gastrointestinal hormone Surface Gastrointestinal pacing Domperidone Postprandial distress syndrome
CLC: R57
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Objective: To investigate the surface gastrointestinal pacing combined with domperidone postprandial distress syndrome patients with gastric electrical diagram, gastric emptying rate, motilin, gastrin, cholecystokinin concentration. Method: integrated into the Rome III standard postprandial discomfort syndrome were observed random observation of 167 cases from hospital outpatient and hospitalized patients, patients with 14C-urea breath test for detection of Hp, Hp-negative patients with 80 cases randomly divided into two groups: the first group of 40 patients given domperidone (10mg Tid 2 weeks); second group of 40 patients given surface Gastrointestinal pacing (30 minutes each, the Bid 2 weeks), domperidone (10mg, Tid 2 weeks); 87 cases of H. pylori-positive patients divided into three groups: the third group of 30 patients given domperidone (10mg, Tid 2 weeks); simultaneously be anti-Hp 1-week treatment program for bismuth potassium citrate tablets (0.6 Bid) , metronidazole tablets (0.4 Bid), amoxicillin capsules (1.0 Bid); fourth group of 30 patients, giving the surface Gastrointestinal pacing (30 minutes each Bid 2 weeks), domperidone (10mg Tid 2 weeks ), at the same time to the anti-Hp weeks; fifth group of 27 patients, to the anti-Hp 1 week; fourth and fifth group of anti-Hp program with the third group. Groups of patients receiving treatment before and after two weeks of treatment, fasting and postprandial 1.5 hours after 2 ml of blood was collected at 4 ℃ refrigerator put deposit, 4000rpm centrifugal 10min 3 hours lessons plasma repackaging, -40 ℃, unified motilin hormone, gastrin, cholecystokinin detection, gastric electrical chart recorder measured in mind to accept the pre-dinner before and after treatment, the postprandial gastric electrical recording postprandial / fasting power ratio, the reaction area, gastric electrical rhythm; impervious to X-ray marker of gastric emptying rate was detected before and after treatment. Results: Hp negative of the first group with Hp the positive third group: (1) gastric electrical rhythm postprandial / fasting power ratio, waveform response area, the gastric emptying rate four indicators before and after treatment, both statistics significance, (P lt; 0.05); (2) stomach motilin, gastrin concentration before and after treatment was not statistically significant (P gt; 0.05). Hp-negative group compared with Hp positive group IV: gastric electrical rhythm postprandial / fasting power ratio the six indicators treatment of the waveform response area, gastric emptying rate, motilin, gastrin concentration before and after , were statistically significant (P lt; 0.05); between the second group and the first group and the fourth group and the third group, there were statistically significant (P lt; 0.05). Groups cholecystokinin before and after treatment, were not statistically significant, (P gt; 0.05). Hp infection in three groups: the fifth group of indicators before and after treatment were not statistically significant, (P gt; 0.05); except cholecystokinin, the rest of the indicators between the group and the fifth group, the fourth exist between the group and the fifth group was statistically significant, (P lt; 0.05). Correlation analysis: (1) gastric electrical rhythm, postprandial / fasting power ratio, the reaction area, gastric emptying rate, the four indicators before and after treatment, the difference between surface gastrointestinal pacing and domperidone therapy use significantly and application of body surface gastrointestinal pacing instrument in the treatment effect is more remarkable; (2) the treatment of motilin, gastrin, and body surface gastrointestinal pacing instrument correlation; (3) cholecystokinin treatment the difference between the body surface before and after gastrointestinal pacing and domperidone treatment had no significant correlation; (4) Hp infection and anti-Hp therapy seven indicators, there was no significant correlation between the difference. Conclusions: (1) surface gastrointestinal pacing joint multi-domperidone therapy can significantly improve postprandial distress syndrome in patients with gastric electrical rhythm, postprandial / fasting power ratio, the reaction area of ??the gastric emptying rate and improve motilin no significant change in the concentration of cholecystokinin, gastrin concentration in order to effectively promote gastric motility; (2) body surface Gastrointestinal pacing combined with domperidone before and after treatment; (3) Hp infection, anti-Hp therapy with postprandial distress syndrome stomach The motivation to improve no significant correlation.

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