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Reservoir Characteristics and Hydrocarbon Accumulation of Yanchang Group of Triassic in Balian Ravine-Jin Village Area

Author: LiXiangYang
Tutor: MiaoJianYu
School: Northwestern University
Course: Solid Geophysics
Keywords: Nanniwan Chang4+5 Chang6 Sedimentary facies Reservior Enabling the exploration area
CLC: P618.13
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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For the exploration of the area which is barely explored.how to use the more scarce and the adjacent area which is rich in information on the comparability of data on the local reservoir of reliable and accurate evaluation has become a hot issue.In this paper, the comprehensive evaluation and reservior of Nanniwan Eight ditch-Golden Village district is set as the main object of study.base on the regional geological structure and sedimentary facies,to study oil group Chang6 and sand group Chang4+52 the characteristics of rhe reservior.On the basis of evaluation and optimization of the Eighth ditch-Jin Zhuang region oil group Chang6 hydrocarbon accumulation and favorable exploration target rule that favorable exploration and development.(1)Through the regional geological structure and sedimentary analysis,a clear regional tectonic study area and the basic characteristics of the study clearly Chang6 and Chang4+5 Reservior Group is a delta depositional system of delta front,which is underwater sand skeleton distributary channel and mouth bar.(2)Reservior studies have shown that the study area are fine to coarse sand reservior sandstone or lithic feldspathic sandstone;cements are mainly clorite.calcite and quartz overgrowth;effective reservior in the burial history diagenetic differences exoerienced during compaction,cementation and dissolution.Main types of residual porosity intergranular porosity,grain dissolution.Main types of residual porosity intergranular porosity,grain dissolution pores within and between,dissolved interstitial micropores,cracks and micropore type and other types;main reservior pore pressure for the espulsion to be in the hole in the throat and high expulsion pressure are two types of thin throat hole.(3)Sedimentation and diagenesis of the differences factor is the main reservior heterogeneity.The data show an integrated Chang4+52,Chang63 degree sand sets reservior heterogeneity strong,Chang61 and Chang62 sand group reservoir heterogeneities to a lesser extent, according to the status of the study area geology,sandstone reservoirs and can be divided into three types asⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ. (4)Peace on hydrocarbon distribution in the vertical plane are large irregularities, mainly by the distribution of oil and gas reservoir properties of sedimentary micro facies differences in control. Studies have shown that the head Chang6 to Chang4+52 reservoir main lithological reservoir, the main reservoir types of traps for the dense block updip trap, sandstone pinch-type lithologic traps.(5)Exploration should focus on the study area east of Chang 62 Chang 63 and the central focus should be on the exploration and Chang 62 Chang 61,61 western exploration should focus on long-term or Chang 4+52; Next Eighth Ditch-Jin Village favorable exploration areas target area should be 156 wells in the assessment-assessment between 123 and South 57 wells wells-the area between South 56 wells.

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