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Study on the Extracting Technology of Polygonatum Polysaccharides and Preparation of the Polygonatum Sibiricum Yoghurt

Author: XuZuo
Tutor: HuQiuHui
School: Nanjing Agricultural College
Course: Agricultural Extension
Keywords: Polygonatmu Polysaccharide Orthogonal experiment Decolo-red Isolation and purification
CLC: TQ461
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Polygonatum cyrtonema Hua not only is food,but also is Chinese traditional medieine. The thesis is aimed to develop herbal resources of Southern Anhui through researehing the dried buds and flowers of polygonatum sibiricum Red.This thesis has a systematic study focused on the extraction, isolation, purification and health products from polygonatum sibiricum Red.This paper, mainly achieves the following results:1、The extraction technology of polysaccharide from polygonatum sibiricum red is was studied in this paper. The single factor tests and orthogonal experimental design methods L9(33)were applied to analyse the influence of each factor in temperature, time and solid-liquid ratio on the extraction percent of the polysaccharide from polygonatum sibiricum red is. The influence factors were conducted s tatis tical analys is. The result showed that the optimum condition as follows:temperature 80℃, the duration of time 4h and ratio of solid-liquid 1:25, Under this condition, the extraction percent of polysaccharides is 10.89%;2、proeess of removing protein:conclusion The ratio of polygonatum sibiricum Red polysaccharide extracting is by comparing the three methods of protein removal including by hydroehlorieaeid, Triehioroaeetic acid, Sevagemethod and papain-Sevage, papain-Sevage was choosed as the optimal method finally.The optimum conditions were The optimum conditionswere substrate coneentration2.0% of papain, pH 6, temperature60℃, hydrolysis time 2h, repeat 3 tmes with Sevags method.The amount of protein removed was 87.56% while polysaccharide remained91.50%during the deprotehazation proeess.3、having decolored by adding 0.75% powed active carbon power,boiling 60 min temperature 50℃, the purity of polygonatum sibiricum red polysaccharide will be better,4、We study on solidifiedpolygonatum sibiricumred soybean yoghurt:Taking Polygonatum sibiricumred juice, beans, whole milk powder, and sucrose and high fructose syrup ratio as raw materials, solidified Polygonatum sibiricumred soybean yoghurt could be processed by applying the technology discussed in this paper. The processing technology of Polygonatum sibiricumred fluid preparation, raw soybean flavor removing,, and the effects on flavor, taste, stability of Polygonatum sibiricumred soybean yoghurt were studied. By the orthogonal experiment, that the optimal fermentation conditions were:adding emulsion stabilizer 0.20%,inoculation rate 5%, fermentation temperature 42℃and fermentation time 5hrs,The results of this study provid new way for the resources of polygonatum sibiricum Red of comprehensive utilization and for similar studies certain reference, with better economic,social value and prospects.

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