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Entanglement Distillability in Black Hole Spacetime

Author: DengJunFeng
Tutor: JingJiLiang
School: Hunan Normal University
Course: Theoretical Physics
Keywords: Black Hole Quantum Information Entanglement purification Hawking temperature
CLC: O413.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Quantum information science from birth to now, although only 10 years time, but because of its great theoretical significance and broad application prospects to the rapid development, the formation of an emerging field expansion, and has made remarkable achievements. Quantum entanglement is a quantum information theory is an important concept, it not only has a very important theoretical significance, but also can serve as a primary resource used in many important quantum information operations, such as quantum computing and quantum communications. General relativity is a theory of the material world of space-time motion of matter and spacetime general theory. Theory of general relativity in black hole physics is an important part, it contacted the gravitational theory described by macroscopic world and the quantum mechanical description of the microscopic world. Some properties of the black hole quantum theory and general relativity reveals the intrinsic link between the study of quantum information theory also has very important significance. In recent years, under the framework of general relativity, quantum information is gaining more and more people's interest because it will not only further deepen our understanding of quantum information, but also in the black hole entropy and the black hole information difficult to play an important study role. General relativity and quantum information as interdisciplinary, curved spacetime quantum information quantum information has become a new hot research field. We will describe a curved spacetime in general relativity, quantum entanglement purification conducted research. This article discusses the Schwarzschild spacetime Dirac field entanglement purification problems. Analysis of the Hawking temperature, the field of energy for the purification of entanglement. Study found that for the initial two-particle Werner states, in flat spacetime, only its state parameters, F (0 lt; F lt; 1) take 1/2 lt; F lt; 1 only it was in when entangled. And when one of the particles hovering in the vicinity of the black hole horizon in curved spacetime, then take only the F (?) Lt; F lt; 1 ((?) = 3e (χ / Τ) 5/6e (ω / Τ) 8) in the case, Werner have entangled state. There are a range of initial state entanglement with respect to flat space-time has changed. We found that Hawking temperature Τ and field energy ω will affect the F value lower (?) In size. (?) With the increase of T, but decrease with the increase of ω. When ω → 0 or Τ → ∞ when (?) → 0.57. This article also discusses the initial Werner state when entangled by the general composition, its state parameter α on the entanglement purification effect. We found that the value of parameter α entanglement of the initial state has a very significant impact on the size, and in curved spacetime will affect the entanglement decay trend, but in the context of the black hole, the initial state of struggle are not covered by the scope of the α affected.

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