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Study on Halogen-free Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber with High Temperature Performance

Author: ZhangXuWen
Tutor: JiangHongWei
School: South China University of Technology
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: MVQ Flame retardants Heat resistance Synergistic flame retardant Surface Modification
CLC: TQ333.93
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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This selection of thermal stability, good flame retardant properties of the halogen-free flame retardant, and between the flame retardant synergist, a methyl vinyl silicone rubber (MVQ) reached the practical requirement, and to meet the use under high temperature conditions mainly includes the following three aspects: 1, the choice of phosphorus-containing compound PAN as flame retardant, the PAN by pulverization and surface treatment, the particle diameter becomes smaller, lower oil absorption value, uniformly dispersed in the silicone rubber, good compatibility. When the addition of 65 parts, has good flame retardant effect in the silicone rubber, the vertical burning through the FV-0 level, the oxygen index of 38.7%, a tensile strength of 4.20MPa, elongation at break was 470%, tear strength 18kN / m; heat experiment, the PAN-flame retardant silicone rubber composite material, after 200 ° C × 24h hot air aging, due to a small amount of acidic substances contained in the PAN, so that the heat resistance of the silicone rubber decreased, pull retention of tensile strength and elongation at break was only 66.4%, 57.3%. 2, the choice of the triazine compounds ETT Silastic flame retardant, flame retardants ETT first after pulverization treatment and surface modification, size distribution, oil absorption value, sedimentation volume, mechanical properties, flame retardant performance test characterize The results show that: ETT particle diameter becomes smaller, lower oil absorption value, uniformly dispersed in the silicone rubber, compatibility becomes good. When in an amount of 70 parts, it is possible to achieve the level of FV-0 flame retardant, an oxygen index of 38.5%; based on this, add a small amount of zinc oxide and zinc borate as a flame retardant synergist of ETT can effectively be able to improve the silicon flame retardant efficiency of the rubber, it is possible to make the amount of the flame retardant to be added to decrease from 70 parts to 60 parts, the vertical burning achieve FV-0 level, the oxygen index of 38.2%, compared with adding 70 parts by ETT flame retardant silicone rubber, tensile strength from 3.93Mpa to 4.22Mpa, elongation at break, from 440% to 480%, tear strength 16kN / m to 18kN / m, reducing the damage to the filler on the mechanical properties of the silicone rubber; ETT, zinc borate flame retardant system, and zinc oxide with a silicone rubber having excellent heat resistance, and after 200 ° C × 24h hot air aging, the retention rate was 85.7%, 72.6%, tensile strength and elongation at break. 3, in order to further improve the flame-retardant silicone rubber, the silicone rubber has good overall performance, the use of flame retardant PAN and ETT compound (3:2), FV-0 flame retardant can be achieved at a dosage of 60 parts level, the oxygen index of 38.9%. On this basis, add a small amount of zinc oxide and zinc borate as a flame retardant synergist, not only can effectively be able to improve the flame retardant efficiency of the silicone rubber, the amount of the flame retardant to be added was reduced to 55 parts from 60 parts, the vertical burning through FV -0 level, oxygen index of 38.7%, while the preparation of flame-retardant material tensile strength of 4.60Mpa, elongation at break of 520%, tear strength 20kN / m; flame-retardant materials and prepared to pull has excellent heat resistance, after 200 ℃ × 24h hot air aging, tensile strength and elongation at break of the retention rate was 83.5%, 70.3%.

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