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Effect on Soil Properties and Soil Bacterial Community Structure by Different Land Use in Maoer Mountain Region

Author: LiDan
Tutor: WangQiuYu
School: Northeast Forestry University
Course: Genetics
Keywords: Soil bacteria Denatured gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) Soil physical and chemical properties Soil enzyme activity Soil quality
CLC: S154.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Soil plays an important role in the maintenance of balance of terrestrial ecosystems, but due to human inappropriate use of land resources, soil quality has severely degraded. In this study, we detected soil physical and chemical properties, and soil enzyme activity of soil samples from different habitat types of Maoer Mountain in Shangzhi of Heilongjiang Province, the results were as preliminary assessment of soil quality, meanwhile soil bacterial biodiversity was measured by PCR-DGGE (denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis), and then correlation of soil bacterial community structure and soil physical and chemical properties, soil enzyme activity were analyzed.The result showed that the impact of different land use and management on soil quality were obtained:forest soils almost no human disturbance soil quality ware best, followed by cutting slash and burned woodland and green belt in the administrative department of Maoer Mountain with semi-natural half-anthropogenic interference, poor soil quality of residential land and garage ruins in the administrative department of Maoer Mountain with greater intensity of human activities, the soil quality of farm landscape (soybean fields and corn fields) were the worst.PCR-DGGE and sequence analysis revealed that the soil bacteria from 10 study sites were derived from 7 phylums:Bacteroidetes, Cyanobacteria, (α-,β-,γ-,δ-) Proteobacteria, Verrucomicrobia, Gemmatimonadetes, Acidobacteria, and Actinobacteria. The order of the percentage of taxa was:Acidobacteria>(α-,β-,γ-,δ-) Proteobacteria>Verrucomicrobia> Gemmatimonadetes>Actinobacteria>Bacteroidetes>Cyanobacteria, where Acidobacteria and Proteobacteria were the dominant bacteria, account for 33.33% and 31.60% respectively.The correlations among 10 soil properties, five soil enzymes and 10 bacterial taxa from 10 study sites were:TN, urease, Verrucomicrobia, DOC, catalase, DTC, H2O, TC, and TOC were significant positive correlation, and were significantly negatively correlated with Proteobacteria andδ-Proteobacteria; pH, DIC, polyphenol oxidase,β-Proteobacteria, a-Proteobacteria were significantly positive correlation, and significantly negatively correlated with Actinobacteria; Cyanobacteria was significantly positively correlated with TN, invertase, urease, catalase, and significantly negatively correlated with Gemmatimonadetes and Actinobacteria; Acidobacteria was significantly negatively correlated with a-Proteobacteria andβ-Proteobacteria, and significantly positively correlated with DTN; Gemmatimonadetes was significantly negatively correlated with DTC, invertase and Cyanobacteria.Clustering analysis based on soil properties, soil enzyme activities and soil bacterial community structure from 10 study sites revealed that 10 study sites were clustered into four clusters, the forest soils (1,2, and 3) were clustered together, green belt in the administrative department of Maoer Mountain (7) was clustered with cutting slash and burned woodland (9 and 10), residential land (6) was clustered with garage ruins in the administrative department of Maoer Mountain (8), farm soils (4 and 5) clustered together. The agricultural soils were separated from the other eight study sites, farmlands were significantly different from other soil habitat types, which indicated that agricultural land had been subjected to the most serious man-made disturbance.Soil bacterial community structures were significantly varied among the 4 habitat types. Landscapes transformation has led to a significant change in soil microhabitat conditions, further a significant impact on bacterial community structures.

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