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Improvement of An Innovative Vertebral Dilator with Ni-Ti SMA and Design and Manufacture of Auxiliary Propeller

Author: HanZuo
Tutor: GaoYan
School: South China University of Technology
Course: Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords: Osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures Kyphoplasty Vertebral dilator Ni-Ti shape memory alloy
CLC: R687.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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With the increase in the country's aging population, a lot of women over the age of 60 and men over the age of 75 suffer from osteoporosis, the majority of patients with osteoporosis will occur osteoporotic fractures. The most common sites of osteoporotic fractures of vertebral, wrist and hip osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture patient mortality. The treatments include drug therapy and minimally invasive surgery, the former cycle, poor efficacy, and prone to complications; latter divided into vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty efficacy fast, but can not solve cement leakage and loss of vertebral height; dilator kyphoplasty wholly dependent on imports, the price is very expensive and can not be widely used, and therefore must focus on the development of new materials and new technology. This paper developed a new type of Ni-Ti shape memory alloy vertebral kyphoplasty system, the vertebral dilator with the accompanying auxiliary propulsion smoothly into the vertebral body and vertebral kyphosis angioplasty; vertebral vertebral dilator distraction can be left in the vertebral body to provide stronger support force, also can be removed successfully, avoid retention in the body may lead to infection and other potential problems. While filling the filler material or biodegradable bone cement, in order to provide sufficient supporting force and reduces the stress concentration of the adjacent vertebral bodies. The new vertebral dilator is not only effective in the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures, but also to avoid or reduce the surgical procedure, bone cement leakage, loss of vertebral height and postoperative risk of vertebral fracture adjacent vertebral bodies and then occur. In this paper, design improvements and production work on the basis of pre-woven grid vertebral dilator, mainly as work and draw the following experimental results: 1. Improvement and preparation of the vertebral dilator: based on previous work designed and prepared a small ring at both ends of the dilator, the dilator can be fitted with the pusher; on this basis improved the braided mesh type vertebral dilator knitting parameters, using the wire diameter of 0.4mm Ni- Ti memory alloy wire woven cross-sectional diameter of 14.5mm, the threaded head number 6, pitch 2mm and 3mm models and threaded head 8 pitch 2.5mm vertebral dilator 12. Vertebral dilator performance test: in the free state and the bound state of the dilator radial force test results threaded head 6, pitch 2mm models dilator largest radial force, the maximum radial force of 128.49 N, corresponding to the modulus of elasticity of 78.96MPa achieve the mechanical performance requirements of severe osteoporosis vertebral distraction. Dilator curl reduced at low temperatures, minimum curl diameter is 5mm, can be passed the vertebral pedicle implant, own opening in the normal body temperature, return to the designed shape, meet the requirements of distraction height. 3. Auxiliary propulsion design and fabrication: Ni-Ti shape memory alloy new vertebral dilator auxiliary propulsion design ideas to make improvements on the basis of the B-Twin propeller, the changes mainly inner sleeve, two axis spacing and shell. Wherein the front end of the inner sleeve-tapping threads, in order to connect and dilator after the ring, the rear end of the inner sleeve into the petaloid knob, can control the release of the dilator; the petaloid knob diameter of 18mm, two-axis spacing from 8mm to 14mm, while connected to the the screw outer sleeve sleeve slider A slider B, slider C need to be reworked; shell from enclosed changed side open. 4. The kyphoplasty implementation: adult pig spinal specimens immersed in 18.3% Disodium EDTA (EDTA) solution for 14 days, and compression produced osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture model. Prepared a new type of Ni-Ti shape memory alloy vertebral dilator kyphoplasty. Found that most of the vertebral body can be successfully softened restore vertebral height and vertebral bone density in a small part of the decline was not obvious happens distraction, will occur in the vertebral body of a small part of the decrease in BMD uneven escape phenomenon, but in several cases able to restore vertebral height. While vertebral dilator can either remain in the body, can also be softened in the vertebrae was taken out of the cavity after injection of bone cement, and then low pressure, in both cases can be effectively restore vertebral height.

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