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Scheme and Empirical Study on Ontology Semantic Interoperability in Medical and Health Fields

Author: MiYang
Tutor: CaoJinDan
School: Jilin University
Course: Social Medicine and Health Management
Keywords: Medicine and Health Ontology Semantic Interoperability Mapping Empirical Study
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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There is fundamental element for information construction in the medical and health area which is called information resource management of medical and health. The increasingly development of information in network locate a formidable assignment in the process of information resource management, it is a new demand as well as a new measure that make a good command of the information resource to take the advantage of the related resources in this current circumstance. The fully development of information technologies has paved the way for the information management in pharmaceutical area especially in the aspect of Ontology and Semantic Web technology which has attracted considerable public concern.Currently, Ontology and Semantic Web technology has been exercised in many field of information technology and has gradually supplied itself as a fundamental instrument in information resource field. The demand of the ontology technology application is increasing, thus there are more and more ontology is being constructed which plays a significant role in the development of pharmaceutical information resources.However, since the building-up of ontology in different organizations which are differed by different ways of construction and purposes has been made, the Semantic isomerism has turned into a severe problem. Such circumstance stunts the interaction and makes contrary to the original purpose. Wherefore, there confront us a new question of how to realize the information exchange by semantic interoperability. In order to realize the information exchange, the first we have to conquer is to solve the problem of ontology heterogeneous, since the ontology mapping is one of solution of such problems, therefore ontology mapping turns out to be the basic task of information exchange.In the wide range of classification in medical and health area, the aspect of ontology study concerns some other studies and subjects (chemistry, biology, etc), thence there are complex knowledge increases from the intersecting of different subjects. For the reason that there is a wide application range of ontology technology, the following problem in semantic heterogeneous is even more prominent. Thus, in such situation, different operating measures should depend on different circumstance in heterogeneous ontology operation.This paper is going to be developed by the discussion of how to realize the interoperating of related ontology in health area, the top of the main ontology and the epidemic monitoring ontology will be presented as the case in this paper, the author will make a discussion on the ways of interaction and interoperation of digital information resource under the application of semantic mapping system.。The main purpose of this paper is to integrate the different ontology in medical and health area, solve the heterogeneous ontology problems, meanwhile provide certain practical measures in interoperating of ontology semantic in health area to promote the solution of integrating the information resource as well as other resources in semantic web environment. The content of this paper is going to be presented as follow:The first chapter is the summary of research background of ontology semantic interoperating in medical and health area, besides, the introduction of the purpose and significance of this study will be demonstrated in this part, furthermore, the writer will also summarize the progress of current study and elaborate the method of his research.The second chapter is mainly about the theories of ontology mapping including the background, concept and framework of semantic web, in this part, the author presents the current application of ontology on the level of micro-technology and macro-study, emphasizes his perspectives in the relationship between ontology mapping and ontology interoperating as well as the theory and method of ontology mapping.The further discussion in the third chapter will start with the demonstration of ontology models in health field, then an analysis on structure and characteristics of the target ontology will be presented as follow. Combining with the existing interoperating system (mapping system), the author selects suitable and practical method for the case in his paper. Based on the actual situation, the writer eventually identifies the related solution and practical tool for empirical work.Chapter 4 includes the introduction of the process of practical research on ontology mapping in health field, such as the access of ontology resource, the debugging of interoperating environment, practical study of epidemic monitoring ontology in public health incidence and the procedure of interoperating process on the top level of medical ontology. The results rooted in the all the situations that discussed above pave the way for the further investigation on cross-knowledge caused by different intelligence management and mapping relationship due to interoperation as well as the reflection of mapping itself.The last part is the conclusion of the effort has been made in this paper, the writer clarifies his perspectives and expectation for the ontology interoperation in medical and health area in its future development.Through the compact demonstration developed by the writer, the interoperation between epidemic monitoring ontology in health area and simple mapping of top ontology in medical field become a realization in this paper, many testimony are given to achieve the semantic interoperation and interconnection of ontology in medical and health field. Under the circumstance of semantic web, the study on semantic mapping interconnection of information ontology provides reference for digital resource management based on semantic mapping, offers theoretical basis for current semantic mutual understanding, provides new program for the interconnection of semantic ontology in unequal semantic field.Result:Firstly, there are certain fields of crossed knowledge as well as obvious conflicts between BioCaster ontology and Semantic Network ontology of UMLS, the pattern for construction of ontology differs from each other due to the diversity of above ontology. The mapping result clarifies the targeted characteristic of BioCaster ontology and the wide range of knowledge of Semantic Network ontology on the contrary, wherefore there is a great necessity to strengthen the effort of semantic interconnection under the integration of information in aim of exerting the effectiveness of epidemic monitoring system in public health field. Secondly, the interoperation of BioCaster ontology and Semantic Network ontology is mainly operated on the basis of graphical mapping by PROMPT component in Protégé, in the view of mapping expression, this graphical interpretation simplifies the work for ontology mapping, clarifies the mapping connection, enhance the efficiency of the cooperation between human and machine, and more over, such kind of expression attracts fully concentration of experts on ontology research.Task:1. Attempt on interoperating ontology in medical and health fieldIn this thesis, the author takes the epidemic ontology in public health and the top ontology in medical field as the main target to achieve mapping interoperation. These two ontologies reveal the universal concepts and the relations which are concerned, they have different applications with similar features. By means of operating the ontology mapping, the relationships between top concepts can be revealed to integrate these concepts in medical and health research, thereby achieve the integration of ontology in its field, overall this study is a new trend of ontology integration discussion.2. Expression patterns in ontology mappingAn embedded mapping detector rooted in lining graph is introduced in this thesis to reflect the mapping relationship between different ontology respectively in public health area and medical field, considering of AnchorPROMPT model, a new solution for unveiling the connection among the elements in mapping ontology will be provided in the paper as well.3. Relationships between knowledge in specific pharmaceutical fieldBy means of empirical studies, the writer analyzes and unfolds the knowledge structure and concept in epidemic ontology and top ontology, and it leads to an enrichment and supplement for ontology knowledge in medical and health field.

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