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Clinical Study of Insomnia with Electro-acupuncture on Vasomotor Area

Author: LiangLiZhu
Tutor: LiJianQiang
School: Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese medicine
Keywords: Insomnia acupuncture/vasomotor area/traditional acupuncture Zolpidem effect
CLC: R246
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Background of the studyInsomnia is a group of syndromes that behave as dysfunction of body at the daytime due to the short of sleep time and quality which can not meet the physical needs of the body. And these behaviors are occurred at a good sleeping environment without physical factors, more than 3 nights a week, continouly a month or more, including sleep difficulties, repeated to wake up easily and early. In recent years, due to the accelerated pace of life and work pressures, that the incidence of insomnia is getting higher and higher. But taking sleeping pills for a long time has great side effects. So do the study of green therapy of insomnia has great significant. The method of this study is the clinical experience of Associate Professor-Li Jianqiang, who is my tutor, which using electro-acupuncture on vasomotor area, and combined with syndrome differentiation of points, this method get good effects at clinical repeatedly. The study is seeking to clarify the efficacy, safety of the method in treating insomnia, and the advantages of it compared with the traditional acupuncture and the medicine therapy.ObjectiveGive a scientific evaluation of the effectiveness and security of the method which using Electro-acupuncture on vasomotor area for insomnia. MethodsTake a observation on the insomnia patients in Acupuncture and psychological out-patient clinics in Chinese medicine hospital of Guangdong Province, with randomizing method, we separate 90 patients into three groups: vasomotor group, traditional acupuncture group and drug group. The vasomotor group uses the method of electro-acupuncture on vasomotor area combining with syndrome differentiation of points. Once a day, except Sunday, 10 days for a treatment, 3 treatments for total. The traditional acupuncture group uses the points Shenmen , Neiguan , Baihui and points based on syndrome differentiation. Once a day, except Sunday, 10 days for a treatments treatments for total. Drug group takes pills of Zolpidem, 10mg, qn, 10 days for a treatment, 3 treatments for total. At last, use PSQI Index to evaluate the effective of the methods before and after the treatments of the three groups.Results1. Compare the PSQI Index of the three groups before the treatment with the index of the treatments in lOdays, 20days, 30days separately, the results showed that they have significant differences, it means the treatments in 10 days, 20 days, 30 days were effective.2.The PSQI Index of Vasomotor area group and traditional acupuncture group of treatment in 10 days compared with treatment in 20 days showed significant differences (P<0.05), but the index of 20 days and 30 days showed no significant difference(P>0.05), it means the treatment in 20 days of vasomotor area group and traditional acupuncture group are better than 10 days, but 20 days and 30 days are similar.3. The PSQI Index of drugs group in the treatment in 10 days, 20 days, 30 days showed no significant difference(P>0.05), it means that the treatment in 10 days, 20 days, 30 days are similar.4. 10 days after treatment, vasomotor area group and drug group compared with traditional acupuncture group, PSQI Index showed significant differences(P<0.05), vasomotor area group compared with drug group, PSQI score showed no significant difference (P>0.05), these showed that 10 days after treatment, the effects of vasomotor area group and drug group were superior to the traditional acupuncture group, the effect of vasomotor area group was similar to the drug group.5. The PSQI Indexs of vasomotor area group, traditional acupuncture group and drug group in 20 days and 30 days after treatment compared in pairs separately showed no significant difference (P>0.05), these mean the effects of vasomotor area group, traditional acupuncture group and drug group in 20 days and 30 days after treatment were similar. ConclusionElectro-acupuncturing on vasomotor area with points syndrome differentiation is a way that faster, stable and less side effects on treating insomnia.

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