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Study on the in Vitro Effect of Zinc on the Growth of Murine Embryonic Palatal

Author: MouLuRui
Tutor: HuangGuiLin
School: Zunyi Medical College,
Course: Clinical Stomatology
Keywords: Mice Zinc All-trans retinoic acid Vitro Embryonic palate sudden
CLC: R782.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Objective: To understand the different concentrations of zinc on cultured mouse embryonic palate sudden impact fertility , explore suitable murine embryonic palate burst sterile best zinc concentration ; build all-trans retinoic acid -induced cleft palate in vitro model to explore the zinc in the whole trans retinoic acid -induced fetal cleft palate in the process of antagonism. Method : Get 13 days C57BL/6N embryonic fetal palatal cultured in vitro , according to different factors will interfere with embryo cultured palate suddenly divided into control group (A : ZNO} μmol / L), low zinc group (B group : ZN50μmol / L), zinc (C group : ZN75μmol / L), high zinc group (D group : ZN95μmol / L), comparative analysis of different concentrations of zinc on cultured embryonic palate fusion sudden impact . According to the previous palate embryos obtained promote optimal zinc concentration process fusion understand ATRA group (E ATRA10μmol / L) and all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA10μmol / L) optimal zinc concentration (F group ) on the palate embryo process fusion effect for 24 hours, 48 ??hours after the removal palate embryo sudden , asanas morphological changes were observed under a microscope and taking into account recorded a sudden embryonic palate fusion , cultured for 48 hours after HE staining understand the fusion process . Results : A, B, C, D, E, F group palate embryo process fusion rates were 27.8% , 53.9% , 85% , 32%, 0% and 6.7% respectively. A, B, C, D each pairwise comparison between groups was found parallel χ2 test , A group , B group and D group process fusion between the embryonic palate was no significant difference (P gt; 0.05), while Group C with significant differences between the groups (P lt; 0.05), ZN75μmol / L significantly promote the role of palatal fusion is the process fusion in vitro embryonic palate in the optimal concentration . The incidence of cleft palate in group F , although lower than the E group , but the group E and F group was no statistically significant difference (P gt; 0.05). Conclusions: ( 1 ) Palate vitro can be basically repeated contact with the body palatal fusion process . ( 2 ) embryonic palatal zinc concentration on the development of sudden impact , 75μmol / L concentration of zinc can be effective in promoting embryonic palatal fusion protrusion , which is the optimal concentration of zinc in vitro . ( 3 ) successfully established all-trans retinoic acid -induced cleft palate in mice in vitro model , 75μmol / L of zinc on 10μmol / L all-trans retinoic acid -induced cleft palate without antagonism.

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