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The Misshapen Flower of the Contaminated Earth

Author: WangLiKun
Tutor: ZhangJunXue
School: Beijing Jiaotong University
Course: English Language and Literature
Keywords: The Bluest Eye Morrison Bildungsroman Insane
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Toni Morrison is the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in American history, black women writers, her works focus on describing black women hurt by the impact of white culture. Her debut, \But with the passage of time, the novel gradually been accepted, and become part of an integral part of research Morrison. This work is deeply concerned about the living conditions of the black women's performance of black women in the multiple oppressions of race, class, gender, self-hatred and identity lost, and the resulting tragedy. The hero of the novel, Pecora, a 11-year-old black girl. Her skin is darker than around other blacks suffered discrimination and abuse. She longed to have blue eyes, hoping that this pair of eyes to rescue her from a painful life. At the end of the story, however, suffered combat the Pecora became delirious fantasy own Bluest Eye. The story takes place at the time Pecora growth stage. She entered puberty physiological. The Bildungsroman grew up in mature means a series of painful experiences. Pecora not only to face the physical changes, as well as to withstand the severe test of the spirit: the physiological maturity more dangerous to the girl, Pecora identity is rapidly changing - from children to teenagers from teenagers to mothers; contact with adult social change in their thinking and understanding of the Pecora - in the process of seeking others to accept white culture in the prominence of her, and ultimately led to her loss of self. Pecora the survival of the black community is a freak. The prevalence of white that is beautiful concept, blacks no dignity. They are forced to learn to hate themselves and love others. Groups of this lack of love is full of hostility and resentment. In order to alleviate this oppressive life, they desperately need to find a scapegoat. Pecora can not continue to live in fear and injury. But she's mad, not only due to its fragile willpower. The darker the skin, the harsh environment of the family that she finds in the black community, \Black people in order to show her different constant discrimination and abuse her. The Pecora to represent blacks unbearable physiological characteristics, mad to be different with them and eventually get rid of the Pecora threat, is the most safe and effective manner. Pecora desire to change the United States only in madness can be achieved. However, the madness is defined by the so-called \When we analyze the role of the novel, we will find that they are more or less have some crazy. Pecora Insanity fundamentally that is not established. In addition, the authors created Pecora purpose of this role is also intended to take advantage of this extreme image of black warning role - the erosion of the white culture of the black community can not be discounted, Pecora's madness is all black body abnormality aggregates. Compared with the the madwoman role of the literary classic, Pecora more fragile and helpless. Young, she is hardly any force to deal with the outside world. Even those crazy woman to give up the self-will and the pursuit of them at least, there is the chance of survival. Pecora only with a fantasy hope humble to linger, and only toward the end of the tragedy. Pecora's madness like a deformed flower open environment poisoning, to teach us that evil society is deprived of the right to the healthy growth of a young boy.

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