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Simultaneous Determination of Sulfonamides Residue in Animal Food by High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Author: WangYing
Tutor: WangHanDong
School: Yangzhou University
Course: Clinical Veterinary Medicine
Keywords: Sulfa drugs High Performance Liquid Chromatography Remain
CLC: S859.84
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Sulfa drugs (Sulfonamides SAs) commonly used drugs for the veterinary clinic, wide use, dosage, could easily lead to drug residues in animal tissues, residues enter the human body through the food chain and ecosystem, endangering human health and cause environmental pollution, but also seriously affect China's exports of animal products, causing huge economic losses. Thus strengthening the monitoring and detection of veterinary drug residues important significance. Currently, sulfa drugs multiresidue national standards for high-performance liquid chromatography, at home and abroad on the high-performance liquid chromatography multi-residue detection sulfa drugs reported literature. But more types of sulfa drugs, the existing literature can not all sulfa drugs, the purpose of the experiment on the basis of previous studies to establish the simultaneous detection of a variety of sulfa drug residues in animal food so that it can be used as a veterinary health supervision department, department of quality inspection of agricultural products, livestock and poultry production and processing sector, food hygiene inspection departments for the rapid detection of animal food in a variety of sulfa drug residues to provide a basis for guiding livestock and poultry production rational use of drugs, detection and control of the sulfa drug residues in animal foods, the protection of human health. Established high-performance liquid chromatography conditions were scanned by UV sulfa pyrimidine (SD), sulfacetamide (SA), sulfaquinoxaline (SQ), sulfa chlorpromazine (SUL), sulfa- the pyrimidine (SMM), sulfa-methoxy pyrimidine (SMD), sulfadimethoxine (SDM ') sulfa isoxazole (SIZ), sulfathiazole (ST), Phthalylsulfathiazole (PST), sulfamethoxazole ( SMZ), succinyl sulfathiazole (SST) thirteen kinds of sulfa drugs, the results indicate that at 270nm at various drug absorption strong, so choose chromatography detection wavelength was 270 nm. Due to the sulfa drugs pH and structural differences, using acetonitrile or methanol with phosphate or acetic acid aqueous solution for flow to a certain proportion of the chromatogram separated, but due to the wide variety of sulfa drugs, often used as many as 20 variety, wherein each of two or three are very similar. We choose acetonitrile and an aqueous acetic acid solution as a mobile phase gradient elution, create conditions can these drugs as well as possible separated, and the time is relatively small. Extraction of the effect of two kinds of extracts in sample handling conditions groping compared, the results show that, with acetonitrile - chloroform as extractant fewer impurities extract good results, in addition to the SDM 'and SMZ, PST, SST and ST can not be separated, nine other drugs can be preferably separated, and the residual impurities does not interfere with the drug peak and accurate drug peak time, peak shape recovery more than 80%. In animal experiments, Drug the SMD, SMZ feeding animals, sample treatment, could not in liquid chromatography, the peak, i.e. not be detected, the suspected drug in vivo by acetylation or oxidized into other drug is not peaks in the peak-to-peak time of the drug. SQ normal dose and high-dose groups in the chromatographic analysis of the peak of the peak position in the original drug, the peak height is high, the peak shape better, we can see that the more serious drug residues. The the SUL normal dose group in the chromatographic analysis of the peak position in the original drug peaks, better peak shape, peak height high, other impurities interference peak did not interfere with the drug peaks, more serious residual. Therefore, in the use of sulfa drugs, we should strictly comply with Drug Dosage and withdrawal period, otherwise people eat animal food with this medicine, it will seriously harm people's health. In addition, we also conducted blood biochemical analysis. The results show, SQ normal dose of AST, ALT, TP, CHO, LDH enzyme electrode significantly (P lt; 0.05), ALP, ALB, UA and other enzymes affect not significant with; due to the SQ high dose group appeared accidental, given medicines two days after blood collection were sacrificed, blood enzyme did not change significantly, but was still significantly TP, UA, CHO enzyme. The SMZ normal dose of the ALP, UA was significantly (P lt; 0.05); the SMZ high dose of ALP, TP, CHO enzyme significantly (P lt; 0.05) of the other five enzymes impact was not significant.

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