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Effects of Ginsinoside Rd on Neurogenesis in the Dentate Gyrus of Normal and Infrasound-exposed Adult Rats

Author: LinTian
Tutor: ZhaoGang
School: Fourth Military Medical University
Course: Neurology
Keywords: Ginsenoside Rd Neurogenesis Infrasound Hippocampal dentate gyrus Rats
CLC: R285.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Ginsenosides (Ginsenoside) is a major pharmacologically active ingredients of ginseng, people have at least a separation from the ginseng plant 40 ginsenoside monomer. Ginsenoside Rd Ginsenoside glycol-type group in one of the monomers, having certain pharmacological effects. A number of studies show that ginsenoside easy access to learning and memory, consolidate and reproduction improve neurological function plasticity. That the persistent adult animal learning and memory and hippocampal dentate gyrus neurogenesis are closely related, and therefore prompt ginsenoside likely to participate in the process of neurogenesis. Neural stem cell proliferation, survival and differentiation process called neurogenesis (Neurogenesis). In recent years, a large number of experimental studies confirmed that a variety of animals (including mammals) there is progressive neurogenesis in the adult brain tissue can generate new neurons and glial cells. Which hippocampal dentate gyrus neurogenesis, one of the most studied. Currently considered involved in memory formation in the hippocampus in the adult nervous. In this study, by intraperitoneal injection of different doses of ginseng soap glucoside Rd intervene in normal adult rats by immunohistochemical methods observed after injection of different points in time rat SGZ neural stem cells in the proliferation, differentiation, migration of, explore ginsenoside Rd on the nervous occurred. Neurogenesis affected by a variety of environmental factors, in our previous study found that certain times sound wave intensity can significantly inhibit the proliferation of neural stem cells of rat SGZ. The infrasound (Infrasound) the 0.0001 ~ 20Hz frequency sound waves generated by the mechanical vibration of the object, is widespread in the natural and social environment. High-intensity infrasound harmful to the human body, is an important part of the production of noise and public noise. The brain is an important target organs of the role of infrasound, very sensitive to the role of infrasound. Studies have shown that infrasound can cause the brain multiple parts of the structure, function, neurotransmitter metabolism, and many other changes, its mechanism of action special and complex process. In this study, by observing the ginsenoside Rd adult rat hippocampal dentate gyrus neurogenesis after infrasound, the protective effect of ginsenoside Rd infrasound damage, to provide experimental evidence for the the infrasound prevention research. The experiments were observed ginsenoside Rd normal and infrasound adult rat dentate gyrus neurogenesis. Experiment: normal adult male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats by intraperitoneal injection of ginsenoside Rd, rats were sacrificed at different time points after administration groups intraperitoneal injection of BrdU 3 times prior to sacrifice BrdU immunohistochemistry chemical method to detect the changes of the dentate gyrus of hippocampus neural stem cells. 3d, 7d, 14d sacrificed rats used to observe the proliferation of neural stem cells and the the 34d killed rats used to observe the migration of neural stem cell differentiation. Experiment II: adult male SD rats were randomly divided into a control group, false infrasound group, the infrasound group and infrasound ginsenoside Rd group, infrasound group, and infrasound ginsenosides Rd animals at subsonic pressure positions (16Hz, continuous role 130dB) 7d (2h / d), were observed after the end of the infrasound. Observation method with the experiment. The experimental results are as follows: 1. Ginsenoside Rd proliferation of neural stem cells: each group rat dentate gyrus BrdU ~ cells were mainly distributed in the SGZ as well as the recovery of was single or clustered distribution of irregular shape. Experiment: Compared with the control group, ginsenoside Rd role SGZ as well as the recovery of of BrdU to cells after the administration 3d and 7d treatment group were significantly increased in the 14d treated group returned to normal. Experiment: to give ginsenoside Rd SGZBrdU ~~ cell number since the first 3d that is significantly higher than the infrasound group increased more obvious 7d 14d after promoting proliferation to infrasound as infrasound group BrdU ~ cell number rebound gradually disappear. 2. Ginsenoside Rd neural stem cell differentiation: Double immunofluorescent staining, mostly BrdU ~ cells (70%) and neuron-specific marker NeuN co-exist, very few of astrocyte-specific marker objects the GFAP coexist, prompted ginsenoside Rd trend had no effect on the differentiation of neural stem cells. Ginsenosides Rd migration of neural stem cells: the 34d group in dentate gyrus BrdU ~ cells was mostly a single distribution, and many of the characteristics from SGZ migrate to the GCL; nucleus should be large compared with SGZ showed mature granule cells , rounded. The times after sound damage and ginsenoside Rd role of hippocampal dentate gyrus ectopic migration of granule cells were not found. In this study, the following conclusions: ginsenoside Rd could significantly promote the adult rat dentate gyrus neurogenesis after normal and infrasound. Ginsenoside Rd and infrasound newborn neural stem cell differentiation and migration trends.

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