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The Changes of Microcirculation Bed and GDNF in Model for Trigeminal Neuralgia SD Rats

Author: ChenHongTao
Tutor: MaGuoWu
School: Dalian Medical University
Course: Clinical Stomatology
Keywords: Microcirculation Animal models Trigeminal neuralgia GDNF
CLC: R745.11
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Objective: To study the model SD rat trigeminal neuralgia trigeminal nerve microcirculation and glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) changes in the ganglion. METHODS: The experiment: the establishment of the rat trigeminal neuralgia animal model, selected 20 SD rats were randomly divided into 2 groups (cerclage group and the control group). Cerclage group: a cerclage right trigeminal nerve infraorbital nerve (ION). The experimental animals were anesthetized with sodium pentobarbital intraperitoneal the supine fixed. Rat oral cavity along the right edge of the gingival buccal a flat first molars level, longitudinal incision about 1cm long incision. Exposure ION. Stereo microscope with two 4.0 chrome line loose ligation, away from the two-wire 2mm. The ligation tightness requirements only reduce nerve diameter, but can not completely block the blood circulation. Silk suture incision; sham-operated control group, the right side of the trigeminal nerve infraorbital nerve, surgery with the former, only separation the infraorbital nerve without cerclage. Experiment II: dissect rat trigeminal root ganglion, by HE staining, toluidine blue staining and transparent specimens to observe its microcirculation changes in the cerclage group and the control group. Experiment: anatomical free mouse trigeminal ganglia line the immunohistochemical staining observed GDNF changes in the cerclage group and the control group. Results: 1. Cerclage group trigeminal nerve microcirculation bed than in the control group to reduce epineurial blood vessels along the nerve root radial running along the recurrent collateral oblique or transverse into between the nerve bundles along the nerve root bundle distribution, concurrency collateral to enter the endoneurium; capillaries in a half knot around the distribution of ganglion cells; microvascular trigeminal nerve root the uneven with cloth, a small number of its proximal end microvascular distal end microvascular larger quantities. Cerclage group trigeminal ganglion after GDNF amplification products significantly increased relative expression higher than the normal group increased the most obvious (P lt; 0, 01); no significant difference compared to the control group before and after surgery (P gt; 0.05). Experimental side and the control side, the experimental side, the amount of GDNF expression (P lt; 0.05) higher than that of the control side. Conclusion: 1. Trigeminal nerve root microcirculation may play an important role in trigeminal neuralgia, nerve root after injury be harmful, can cause nerve root microcirculation, which may in turn lead to the demyelination of nerve fibers. Mouse the Trigeminal Neuralgia model trigeminal ganglion GDNF upregulation significant correlation, suggesting that GDNF involved in the pain process-control and hyperalgesia.

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