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Professor Li Xiaojuan Experience in Treating Diabetic Coronary Heart Disease

Author: XiangHuan
Tutor: LiXiaoJuan
School: Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese medical science
Keywords: Diabetes mellitus Diabetic coronary disease The determination of treatment based on differentiation of syndromes Professor Li Xiao-juan Eperiences
CLC: R249
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Diabetic coronary disease is one of the diabetic common complications.It is diabetes melitus and coronary heart disease take place at one time,or diabetes mellitus appears together with coronary heart disease. Its pathological physiology basis is coronary artery stenosis or coronary artery occlusion due to long metabolic disorder.And its primary clinical situation is paroxysmal chest stuffiness or,chest pain.My teacher, a senior doctor ,engaged in clinical work over twenty years.She has plenty clinical experiences in treating diabetes and diabetic complications.My teacher consider that in traditional Chinese medicine diabetic coronary disease belongs to“obistruction of qi in chest”,“angina pectoris”,“diabetes palpitation”or so.In terms of diabetic coronary disease’s clinical features,professor Li Xiao-juan seperates its pathogenesis into the obese and the not obese two types. With it she separates its treatment into two big types too. My teacher consider that the root cause of the obese diabetic coronary disease is deficiency of qi or deficiency of yang.And it’s superficiality is heat phlegm and blood stasis.On the basis of western convertional medicine,she use traditional Chinese medicine to treat the disease according to the determination of treatment based on differentiation of syndromes.It is divided into four types of syndrome.Tt is phlegm due to qi deficiency,phlegm due to yang deficiency,phlegm and blood stasis,and heat due to phlegm and blood stasis. My teacher consider that the root cause of the not obese diabetic coronary disease is deficiency of yin, deficiency of both qi and yin,and deficiency of both yin and yang. And it’s superficiality is blood stasis. On the basis of western elementary medicine,she use also traditional Chinese medicine to treat the disease according to the determination of treatment based on differentiation of syndromes.It is divided into three types of syndrome.Tt is flaming of fire from yin deficiency together with blood stasis,deficiency of both qi and yin together with blood stasis,and deficiency of both yin and yang together with blood stasis. In treating the disease,my teacher consider it important the determination of treatment should be based on differentiation of syndromes.All together,my teacher attach importance to the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine,letting them give respective remaining,and the clinical effectiveness is satisfactory.

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