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Basic virtues of civil servants

Author: LiLiuQing
Tutor: LiYuHong
School: Northwest Normal University
Course: Ethics
Keywords: Civil Morality Fair Loyalty Courage Control Responsibility
CLC: B82-051
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Civil Virtue research and development of the civil service system are closely linked. Civil Service was first produced in England in 1870, the British established the world's most complete, standardized, systematic bureaucratic system, after many countries to follow suit, and gradually form a civil service system. Our country's civil service system began in the 1980s, after gradually explore, pilot, in 1993, officially promulgated the \Civil produced, research on civil virtue became one of the key issues of discussion. In this paper, based on the results of previous studies, that in a market economy, democratic politics and other social conditions, civil servants have the basic moral justice, loyalty, courage, temperance, responsibility. Just as virtue requires people not only to be had in Germany, but also in Germany others. The civil service impartiality virtue lies in a just and moral, to ensure equitable enforcement official, this will contribute to the realization of social justice system. Therefore, the primary civil justice virtue is virtue, but also their ability to perform good public primary condition. Loyalty as the basic virtues of civil servants, on the one hand inherit and develop the traditional quintessence of loyalty, on the other hand be discarded and sublimation. Loyalty virtue requires civil servants exercising public authority to manage public affairs activities, loyal to the public interest, national laws, administrative duties and administrative conscience. Virtue is inseparable from civil loyalty of civil servants autonomy. Moral courage is a supplement loyalty is another manifestation of loyalty, but courage is the key to innovation, whether it is the implementation of policies or policy, governing for the people must have the spirit of innovation and courage. Temperance virtue is power wielded by civil servants, money, etc. constraint desire. Virtue has temperance, justice will not favoritism, but not blindly loyal, brave and not reckless pursuit without indulgence to correctly exercise of public authority, the management of public affairs, relentlessly pursued the goal to promote the public interest. Justice, loyalty, courage and temperance moral responsibility of civil servants are ultimately inseparable from virtue, duty throughout them. With this virtue only when the civil service, the other is the real owner of virtue; civil servants on the public interest if the missing sense of responsibility and public affairs and responsibility, then engaged in administrative activities may favoritism, indulge yourself , it may deviate from organizations, people's interests, contrary to the laws and regulations of the spirit. Finally, virtue and virtue is unified. Virtue is human intrinsic moral character, virtue is external ethical behavior, morality and virtue is a matter of two aspects are inseparable. Civil virtue comes from practice, long-term results of public administrative practice enlightenment; Virtue and return to the practice of virtue internalized into personality, ultimately need to practice activities as ethical behavior. In other words, the acquisition of virtue lies not only in the civil service code of ethics internalization, also contains further outside into the process through Pursuits important part of ethical behavior. Having no inherent virtue in the specification, and of the unity of virtue to virtue is, the two are united in the same self-realization process. Civil Virtue obtained demonstrate the unity of virtue and moral characteristics.

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