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Dynamic Combination of Crust Block and Migration of Major Region of Earthquake

Author: ChenHuiXian
Tutor: HongHanJing
School: Institute of Geology of China Earthquake Administration
Course: Structural Geology
Keywords: Active block Strong earthquake distribution main areas Micro dynamic period Migrate Stress distribution Lot combination
CLC: P315.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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China is a country of strong continental earthquakes, accounting for 7% of the world's land over 33% of the continent strong earthquake (Zhang Guomin, 2000). Continental earthquake specific tectonic setting and dynamic conditions, many scholars at home and abroad in-depth study of the characteristics of intraplate earthquakes and earthquake mechanism (Molnar P, 1975; Tapponnier et al, 1982,1988; Zoback, 1989) that the board within strong earthquake plots with different levels of activity about the (Zhang WY 1984, Ma Xingyuan 1989, Ding Guoyu 1991). Moreover, Ma Jin (1999) should perspective from active faults shift active blocks for the center, stressed the role of the active blocks in earthquake research. The physical relationship between land activities and seismic activity will be in the direction of the earthquake prediction research in the future. In this paper, starting from the point of view of the active blocks, the application of the finite element numerical simulation method, the distribution characteristics of the relationship between the dynamic combination of strong earthquakes in the main region of the study plots. First proposed the theory of the combination of the active block, through the two typical plots combination of the way the model to simulate the land combinations on the stress distribution, which summarizes the law; southwest China, designed a Tibetan Plateau crust model by a combination of six plots, comparison and analysis of the dynamic period of three micro to study the impact of different combinations of internal two plots on the main areas of strong earthquakes, summarizes the law . Now study the contents and conclusions are summarized as follows: 1. The plots combination theory: the combination of the so-called plot is the relationship between the block and the plots. From the arrangement between the plots, plots combination parallel side-by-side combination, the nested plots combination and irregular plots combinations. From the media constitute between plots and plots in the consolidation, decoupling and weak coupling state. 2. Combination plots conceptual model: design a the parallel plots combination model and nested plots combination of model, summed up by applying the squeeze and shear boundary conditions, stress accumulation, transfer and redistribution of the law: between plots by a weak coupling to a consolidation activity weakened, but the overall stress value of the combination of land increased, thus increasing the seismic risk of the combination of land around the border; Conversely, a combination of land is carried forward by the solid weak coupling state, activity enhancement, increased seismic hazard of the active block boundary. Micro-dynamic analysis of its main areas of southwest China's earthquake: findings based on the net Hong Han (2000), the micro-dynamic division continued into 2008, the design consists of six activities plots southwest China a combination of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau crustal model, select the dynamic period of three micro and simulation analyzes, demonstration plots combination of strong earthquake. 4. Proposed a set of numerical simulation \element numerical simulation method to calculate the stress distribution in the combinations and boundary of this land under the control micro dynamic distribution characteristics of the main areas of strong earthquakes during the turn. Discussion: active block has its specific combination of in each micro dynamic period, most of the plots of some period of consolidation together (such as 1914-1927 years this the micro dynamic period), with a The overall form of rapid transmission of stress. Some period of strongest in a plot activity (such as 1993-2008 years this the micro dynamic period), this plot is in the boundary under the action of its unique sports trends change land boundary stress concentration. Therefore, the study of the combination of the active block, be able to explain the active block (or the consolidation as a whole multiple active blocks) boundary stress concentration at the way, so as to deepen understanding of the distribution characteristics of the main areas of strong earthquakes. Most earthquakes occur at a micro-dynamic period have similar mechanical explanation, or strike-slip type or extrusion type, embodies the plate through the analysis of the mechanical properties of the earthquake in more than seven in a micro- dynamic period of relative stability. Active block movement and their interactions in this relatively stable plate under adjustments in order to achieve a more balanced state. Push of the Indian plate of the Eurasian Plate is extremely complex and difficult to predict, a combination of the two plots of the plateau, but also based on the previous earthquake mechanical properties as well as field trips for active fault analysis and forecast earthquake prediction work also faced with the daunting task and a huge challenge, and hope that this study we propose ideas to be able to interpret the earthquake distribution characteristics play a role.

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