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  1. Cloud computing and virtualization platform planning, design and Implementation Based on,LuJian/Yunnan University,0/61
  2. Issue on Floating Population Crime and Prevention and Control Measures in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province,BianHaiYan/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/6
  3. Study on the Ideological and Political Education of Migrate Workers in the Construction of Safety Culture in the,RenJunXiao/Xi'an University of Science and Technology,0/10
  4. Expermental Studies on Interactions between MicroRNAs and CDH1mRNA in the EMT Process,LiMingJuan/Central China Normal University,0/0
  5. Effect of Letrozole on Migration and Invasion of Breast Cancer MDA-MB-231/ERα Cells,TangDongHua/Nanhua University,0/13
  6. Research on the Laws of Soil Water and Salt Migration during the Freezing Process,FuWenYi/Chongqing Jiaotong University,0/16
  7. The Influence Evaluation of West Industrial Park of Daming on Groundwater Environment in Hebei,YangKun/Shijiazhuang University of Economics,0/0
  8. The Supply and Demand of Migrant Workers’ Social Pension Insurance,ChenQianXue/Shanghai Normal University,0/219
  9. Research of Obstacles and Solutions Related to Migrant Workers Citizenization in China,ZhangSuWan/Zhengzhou University,0/92
  10. Study and Applications of Analyser of Android Executable Programs,YuanXiaoYan/University of Electronic Science and Technology,0/4
  11. Study on the migration and Wushu martial arts boxing routine,LiXinKun/Shandong Normal University,1/103
  12. The Research About the Cultivation of the Students’Ability of Migration in the Middle School Chemistry Teaching,HuangZhenZhong/Shandong Normal University,0/182
  13. Survey Research on Reasons for Learning Difficulties of Rural Migrate Workers’ Children,CaoYouYu/Sichuan Normal University,0/127
  14. Analyzing the Society Integration of Old People Who Migrate with Others and the Influencing Factors,ZuoHongXia/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/157
  15. The Northern Dynasties of Sui and Tang Dynasties in China and aesthetic study of burial Sogdians image culture,SunWuJun/Northwestern University,0/1025
  16. Effect of water channel protein 4 on colon cancer cell migration,GuiZhiFu/Nanjing Medical University,0/42
  17. Inhibiting Pi3K/AKT Pathway Increases Effects of Chemotherapy in the Human Glioma U251Cells in Vitro,HuBin/Suzhou University,0/58
  18. Microgliosis in Brain Parenchyma after Acute Ischemia,WuXiaoZuo/Lanzhou University,0/1
  19. The Influence of Down-Regulation TPX2Gene Expression by SiRNA on Biological Behavior of Human Cervical Cancer Hela Cell,TianYuan/Hebei Medical University,0/41
  20. Mechanism Study of Magnetic Stimulation Inducing Neuron Synapse Growth and Migration,YangYunFeng/North Sichuan Medical College,0/25
  21. Research on Migrant Workers’ Injury Insurance in Construction Industry Based on Game Theory,HanDong/Tianjin University of Finance and Economics,0/120
  22. The Identify and the Migration of Nitrogen on Isotopic Analysis Method,WangLiLi/Shandong Institute of Architecture,0/81
  23. Research on Methane Reduction Technology in Semi-aerobic Landfill Based on Dissimilatory Iron Reduction,ZhuYong/Tsinghua University,0/43
  24. Research of Migration Law of Poisonous Meta in Soil in Sewage Irrigation Area,CuiXiangXiang/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,1/94
  25. Researches on Several Evolution Issues in an Age-structured Metapopulation by Simulation,ZhouCuiCui/Lanzhou University,0/40
  26. Effects of Astragalus Membranaceus Injection on Endothelial Progenitor Cells from Human Peripheral Blood and Its p38 MAPK Signaling Pathways Mechanisms,XuHanSong/Central South University,0/303
  27. Biological Characteristics Change in the Smooth Muscle Cell of the Great Saphenous Vein by Down-regulation of Osteopontin,WangYongYi/Central South University,0/105
  28. Effects of Simvastatin on Number and Activity of Endothdlal Progenitor Cells from Peripheral Blood,HuZhengLi/Nanjing Medical University,0/133
  29. Effects and Mechanisms of Stromal Cell-derived Factor-1a on Number and Activity of Endothelial Progenitor Cells from Peripheral Blood,ZhengHao/Zhejiang University,0/190
  30. Experimental study of G-CSFR expression changes and the intervention of the G-CSF in rats sub-acute phase of myocardial infarction after myocardial infarction,WangBin/Sichuan University,0/141
  31. The Mechanisms of Abnormal Expression of BDNF/TrkB on the Pathogenesis of Multiple Myeloma,SunChunYan/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/200
  32. Study on Mechanism of Ad-HGF Gene Therapy in Myocardial Ischemia,WangXiang/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/242
  33. The Experimental Study of Preventing Taget Organs Thrombosis by Locally Transfected Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator Gene,LiuXiaoBin/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/61
  34. The Study of the Effect of Lipidemia on the Vascular Adventitial Inflammation of Atherosclerosis,LuKeFeng/Shandong University,0/316
  35. Observe the Fate of the Newborn Inherent Neural Progenitor Cells and Transplant Genetically Engineered Cells in the Hippocampus after Pilocarpine-induced Status Epilepticus in Adult Rats.,ZuoYuLan/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/161
  36. Study on the Role and Mechanisms of Hepatic Stellate Cells Migration and RhoA Signaling Transduction Pathway in Liver Fibrosis,LiLei/Fudan University,0/490
  37. Stopover Ecology of Shorebirds in Chongming Dongtan, Shanghai,JingKai/Fudan University,7/221
  38. Study of Clinical Pathology and Biology of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells of Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations,ZengTao/Fudan University,0/98
  39. The Expression and Functions of Chemokine CXCL16/CXCR6 at Materno-Fetal Interface of Human First-Trimester,HuangZuo/Fudan University,0/179
  40. Overexpression of N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase V Directs Integrin β1 Structure, Stability and Function in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell 7721,WangLiYing/Fudan University,0/125
  41. Preliminary Experimental Study on Spermatogonial Stem Cell Transplantation to Cure Infertility Owing to High-dose Chemotherapy,MaLiangHong/Fudan University,0/355
  42. Research on the Application of Improved Hybrid Genetic Algorithm to Optimal Design of Water Distribution System,ChuChengShan/Tianjin University,9/969
  43. The Research of Wide-Area Network Storage Virtualization,DengJinSheng/National University of Defense Science and Technology,3/728
  44. Function and Mechanisms of Phospholipase Cγ1 in Cell Migration and Cell-matrix Adhesion in Colorectal Cancer Cells,LiXiuMei/First Military Medical University,0/100
  45. Workflow Management Technology for Enterprises,ZhangChaoHui/Jilin University,17/1638
  46. In Vitro and in Vivo Study about Migration Mechanism of Marrow Stromal Cells and Experiment Study about Therapy of Spinal Cord Injury by Transplantation of Marrow Stromal Cells,DingPeng/Kunming Medical College,0/130
  47. The Inhibiting Effects of Triptolide (PG-490) on Angiogenesis and Its Possible Mechanism,DingZuo/Sichuan University,0/310
  48. The Effects and Its Mechanism of Endothelin-1 in Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis,WuZuoYi/Fudan University,0/146
  49. Culture, Identification and Transplantation in Vivo of Neural Stem Cells from the Spinal Cord of Adult Rats,HeShiMing/Fourth Military Medical University,1/163
  50. Inhibition of FRNK on the Fibronectin-Induced HSC Migration and Molecular Mechanism,JiangHuiQing/Hebei Medical University,0/113

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