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Preparation of Carbon Nanotubes Supported Pt-based Catalysts and Their Performance in o-Chloronitrobenzene Hydrogenation

Author: JiaYongTao
Tutor: QiuJieShan
School: Dalian University of Technology
Course: Chemical processes
Keywords: Carbon nanotubes Platinum Supported catalysts O-chloronitrobenzene Selective hydrogenation
CLC: O643.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as a new type of catalyst carrier, due to its excellent physical and chemical properties caused field concerns nanocatalysis. The the CNTs supported platinum (Pt)-based catalyst preparation and performance of this thesis, the polyol reduction catalyst was prepared Pt / CNTs catalyst and PtM of / CNTs (M = Co. Ni), o-chloronitrobenzene ( o-CNB) selective hydrogenation reaction as a probe to examine the performance of the Pt / CNTs catalyst. XRD, TEM and ICP-AES were characterized by means of catalyst, relationship between catalyst physical and chemical properties and their performance was revealed. Using the H 2 SO 4 / HNO 3 mixed acid oxidation chemically modified CNTs, CNTs SDS physical modification. The results show that the chemical and physical modification can be the introduction of a certain number of active sites in the surface of CNTs, which helps to promote Pt heterogeneous nuclear improve Pt dispersibility, enhance Pt / CNTs catalyst performance. SDS can form a specific structure of the micelles, affect the nucleation and growth of Pt, to control the morphology of Pt nanoparticles. CNTs after the physical and chemical modification of the catalyst prepared in the Pt / oCNTs-SDS, having a high catalytic activity, but can not inhibit the dechlorination of only 77.8%, the selectivity of o-CAN. Physical modification of CNTs, including SDBS, CTAB, Tween80 and PVP, different morphology and performance of Pt / CNTs catalyst with different surfactant (polymer), with the nature of the molecular structure of the surfactant (polymer) and electrical related. Some of the surface active agent (polymer) load and dispersing of the metal is disadvantageous, such as CTAB and PVP. Using modulated the polyol reduction prepared Pt / oCNTs-pH catalyst, the catalyst has high catalytic activity, but can not inhibit dechlorination o-CAN selectivity of only 73.2%. Using modulation polyol reduction method in order to prepare a core-shell catalyst M _AT_ Pt / oCNTs (M = Co, Ni,), the catalyst has a similar activity with Pt / oCNTs-pH. Since Pt geometric or electronic change in the nature, so that catalyst to inhibit dechlorination capacity has certain o-CAN selectivity were 89.4% and 81.4%. Modulation polyol co-reduction prepared alloy catalyst PtM / oCNTs (M = Co, Ni,), the catalyst having a Pt / oCNTs-pH of similar activity, and having a certain inhibition dechlorination capacity, o-CAN selectivity 84.2% and 79.2%. The alloy catalyst after PtM / oCNTs calcination process, the metal particle size increases, the catalytic activity, but significantly inhibited dechlorination o-CAN selectivity of 92.8% and 96.5%, respectively.

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