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On the Black Humor in Vonnegut’s Novels

Author: LiXiaoHong
Tutor: LiuZuo
School: Liaoning University
Course: English Language and Literature
Keywords: Black humor Historical background History uncertainty Moral decay
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Black humor as a literary term, first published in 1945 in the famous French critic Andre Breton, the black humor anthology Published in 1965, Conrad Nike Bo in the first analysis of the post-war American phenomenon \However, many commentators use the term without any limitation to a large extent is it simply a simple translation of the term as France's \The main reason for this confusion is due to the impact of two works: a black humor anthology \Set \The two anthology covering a large number of writers, satirists, existentialist philosopher, Surrealists and others. However, such a wide range of writers group on the same terms down and discuss this term will inevitably lead to the loss of academic accuracy. This paper argues that in order to properly study the black humor, you must put it in the social environment to discuss its birth. French black humor of the early 1920s, the American black humor is not the same, it has its own unique place. In other words, the birth of the black humor of the United States by After the impact of a series of wars and after World War II, including the hot war and the Cold War. In these wars, the Americans, whether in physical or spiritual gone through too much. After the war, the people have lost their homes, lost the meaning and value of life, and their understanding of history becomes vague and uncertain. World War II is not only the time of the birth of black humor literary signs, more precisely, it is the cradle of black humor. This article predecessors on the basis of the postwar American Black Humor, more in-depth study of the historical background, it generates more in-depth understanding of the true meaning of this literary genre and features. These three works this article by Vonnegut's \the positive role played by an accurate understanding of the black humor. This paper consists of three parts, introduction, main body and conclusion. The introductory section describes the difference between the black humor of the United States and France the early 1920s with existentialism and satire, as well as on behalf of Black Humor von within ancient specially writer's point of view. Also on this argument, writing angle, as well as social significance. The main part is divided into three chapters. The first chapter deals with the historical origins of black humor. The majority of people in the United States in the moral and historical dislocation experienced before and after World War II led to their moral and historical anxiety. As the world has undergone tremendous changes in their survival, the Americans caught up in the historical and epistemological crisis. In addition, this chapter of Kurt Vonnegut's postwar pessimism and historical uncertainty also made expositions. The second chapter three novels by Vonnegut analysis of the of Black Humor reflects the post-war U.S. history pessimism and uncertainty. \\Siren of Titan suggests that human history is just made up for the Americans after the war, just a word, meaningless. Chapter three novels by Vonnegut discusses the moral bankruptcy of the of Black Humour reflect the post-war U.S.. In \\Titan Siren \The concluding section summarizes the analysis of these chapters, and pointed out that the Black Humor in the United States does not try to educate people on what to do should have what's moral and what is true, Vonnegut is just to be in confusion and frustration People in the power of laughter, laughter thinking. In addition, the conclusions also pointed out that the social value and practical significance of this paper.

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