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Type Partition of Forest Sites and Select Biological Fire-resisting Tree Species in DaBieShan Area in the West of Anhui Province

Author: XiongCuiLin
Tutor: LiuGuiHua
School: Anhui Agricultural University
Course: Forest cultivation
Keywords: DaBieShan area in western Anhui Forest site Biological fire-resisting tree species Burning
CLC: S725.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Based on the field determination,in data analysis,by the methods and ways of successive regression and principal component analysis,fire-resisting properties of 25 species of trees in the DaBieShan area of Anhui Province has been carried out comprehensive,evaluation,the results indicated that different varieties of trees species exist different fire-resisting ability.From the comprehensive evaluation value,we knew that these species can be classified into four groups according to their fire-resisting properties.ClassⅠ:Camellia oleifera、Schima superba、Camellia sinensis、lLithocarpus glaber、Cyclobalanopsis glauca、C.sclerophylla、C.eyrei、Lithocarpus harland、Quercus variabilis Bl.、Quercus acutissima Carr.、Castanea seguinii Dode,this kind of trees species is’a major fire-resistant tree species in the DaBieShan area of Anhui Province,has a high-value score(above 0.9) in the combustion,forest land combustible situation,resistance,sprouting ability,economic value,and other multi-goal target synthetically properties.Among them,Camellia oleifera which is suitable to grow on acidity soil has the ability to bear barren and arid. The seed oil of Camellia oleifera is a kind of healthy caring oil,therefore domestic and international markets have a large demand.As a fire-resistant tree species,it not only plays fire resistance,but also improves ecological environment and economic effect significantly.It is no doubt that it is the main fire-resisting tree species in southern slope of the DaBieShan area.Schima superba,distributed in a large-span altitude,resists the fire strongly,and is able to bear barren and suitable to grow on acidic soil.Schima superba,thick crown,understory has very few weeds,falling things decomposition faster,wood material better,is the preferred ire-resistant tree species in southern slope of the DaBieShan area.C.eyrei、Lithocarpus glabra、C.sclerophylla、Camellia sinensis belong to the part of Subtropical broad-leaf and evergreen tree species.They usually grow in the humid and fertile environment.The fire-resistant functions of them are much stronger.The wood of Cyclobalanopsis glauca、C.eyrei、Lithocarpus glabra、C.sclerophylla are wide used,and the material quality of them is hard,These kinds of trees often associated with Cunninghamia lanceolata、Cunninghamia lanceolata,Phyllostachys pubescens Mazei form of natural mixed forest,so the fire-resistant function of this stand is good.ClassⅡtree species is Ternstroemia grmnanthera、Ligustrum lucidum、Daphniphyllum macropodum、Camptotheca cuminate Decne、Sapium discolor、Viburnum odoratissimum、 Ligusrtum lucidum、Daphniphyllum macropodum.This type of tree species,which is the less important fire-resistant tree species in DaBieShan area in Anhui Province, has a much higher value score(0.8 to 0.9) in multi-purpose Comprehensive characters such as combustion,forest land combustible situation,resistance,sprouting ability, economic value and so on.They are the minor tree species of DaBieShan area. According to different sites and geographical features,this type of trees will be chosen.Some tree species of classⅡtree species are extremely difficult to burn so resist the fire strongly,such as Viburnum odoratissimum,which belongs to shade-tolerance trees and is suitable to grow on wet,fertile and acidic soil from general to tiny.These tree species are lush which have very highly ornamental value and is proper to planting in scenic spot,and forest park.They play not only to prevent the fire,but also to beautify the environment role.The Ligusrtum lucidum has a large distribution.It can plant in North Slope of DaBieShan where monotonous fire-resistant tree species has.The Daphniphyllum macropodum is suitable to plant in wet field,and it grows well on high altitude mountain.So it has become the target species choice of high-altitude fire prevention.It is also proper to plant in the scenic spot as dual-purpose tree species of fire prevention and viewing.Ternstroemia grmnanthera belongs to feminine gender types of tree species,which is suitable to grow in wet field.It has a much higher ornamental value and be fit to plant the scenic spot and the forest park.ClassⅢtree species is Cinnamomum camphora and Phyllostachys pubescens,this kind of tree species,which is not proper for fire-resistant tree species in the DaBieShan area of Anhui Province,has a very low-value score,respectively 0.6642 and 0.7467 in combustion,forest land combustible situation,resistance,sprouting ability,economic value,and other multi-purpose comprehensive characters.ClassⅣtree species are Pinus massoniana、Cunninghamia lanceolata、Pinus elliotti、Cryptomeria fortunei、Pinus taiwanensis. This type of tree species resists the fire weakly and is easy to burn.So it is extremely easy to arouse forest fire and it has become a key target for forest fire prevention.It needs to build the isolation zone of fire prevention which are composed with the classⅠand the classⅡtree species,at the same time it needs to create mixed forest of conifer and broad-leaf trees to improve the forest fire-resistant function.Based on reading the data and making investigations,according to the DaBieShan area data of soil,climate,topography and social-economic conditions in the west of Anhui province,this study classify the forest site into four sub-type of sites in the DaBieShan area at the west of Anhui province by using synthetically multiple-factor and the leading factor combined with each other,as well as the systematic coordination of classification and multi-level order chase the principle controlling coordination with scientific and practical concise site principles.The four sub-types of sites is,the DaBieShan area north slope of the hilly site type sub-district,other mountains in the southern slope of the low-site type Asia,the DaBieShan area in the north slope of the low-site type Asia and the southern slope of the DaBieShan area s in the hilly site type Asia.12 site type composes and 28 site types.According to characteristics of biology,ecology and forestry of kinds of tree species and the biological fire-resistant tree species choosing principle,choosing the main affricative tree species and the biological fire-resistant tree species on the different type site.The study will provide the theory basis for the artificial forestation,the ecological restoration of forest cover and building of biological fire-resistant forest belt.

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