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Black Girls as Incest Victims of Fathers in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, the Bluest Eye and the Color Purple

Author: YuWeiWei
Tutor: ChenFaChun
School: Tianjin Foreign Studies University
Course: English Language and Literature
Keywords: I know why the caged bird sings The Bluest Eye Purple Black girls Father and daughter incest
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Mainstream American writer in the 1970s and the African-American writer, a group of African American women writers (such as Maya Angelo, Toni Morrison and Alice Walker) line of sight turned to the dark-skinned black girl. In Three Women works, dark-skinned black girl wants to become the central figure of the article: Maya Angelo's first autobiography, \the main characters in the Ni Morrison's first novel, \In their work, the three black girls unfortunately become a victim of incest by the father: only eight years old Margaret that is the mother's boyfriend, Freeman, rape; bloom of youth Pechora its biological father, Jolly Rape: Celia, in the 14-year-old unfortunately become his stepfather Alfonso incest \Based on these three black girls reduced to the experience of his father incest victim, each analysis: the causes of incest, incest victims and black girls how to overcome the effects of incest. Father and daughter incest, black father undoubtedly is the first object of censure. However, in these three works, the three women writers are trying to identify the father of incest social reasons. American race plus patriarchal social context, black men is difficult to achieve the the gender requirements defined by the white mainstream society. Therefore, they are racists, even before the women wells up out of frustration and sense of castration. In order to eliminate this temporary setback psychological, they tend to vent anger at the most vulnerable groups who: the black girls of their own home. In addition to his father, black mother incest should also bear some responsibility. In the the patriarchal black family, if the wife is too much reliance on their husband, she is very possible to ignore the unethical behavior of her husband's. Even if the wife found a home incest, she also often lack the courage to stop her husband to protect her daughter. Also, if the mother does not give her enough care in a family, the daughter will be sought from the father warmth. At this immoral father often took the opportunity to harassment and even rape his daughter. Furthermore, if the mother does not love his daughter from the beginning, even if her daughter told her incestuous event, mothers are often ignored, left unchecked, continue to exist so that the phenomenon of father-daughter incest. The incest victims Needless to say, three black girls are subject to a great deal of trauma. From the physiological perspective, they are being harassed repeatedly raped. Mentally, because of incest, they feel extreme remorse, and ashamed of their own bodies, so they rarely and others. From a psychological theory, Pei Kela became mentally ill, and Margaret and Celia are not normal and heterosexual intercourse. Father and daughter incest impact on the victims, and caused a deep trauma victims are also hoping to overcome its effects. At first, due to shyness and fear, Margaret and Celia have taken a non-verbal way to give vent to their complex emotions: the former changed the living environment, the latter wrote a letter to God. Later, they finally summon the courage to tell a friend their own misfortune. Finally, two people accept their bodies and \It is gratifying that was able to overcome, Celia fear of men, but also help Suoge own sewing pants. Their success stories inspire society like them victims out of the shadow of incest, the face of a better life.

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