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Effects of Different Long-term Fertilizations on Community Properties and Functions of Methanotrophs of Black Soil in Northeastern China

Author: YangZuoZuo
Tutor: WangWanXiongï¼›LiangYongChao
School: Gansu Agricultural University
Course: Ecology
Keywords: Methanotrophs pmoA gene Real - time quantitative PCR Methane oxidation rate Community Characteristics Redundancy analysis Monte Carlo test PCR-DGGE
CLC: S154.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Different fertilization methods of dry land farming methane oxidation microbial mechanism is not clear. In this study, the long-term positioning of the Heilongjiang Province, Heihe Agricultural Experiment Station with Harbin Black Soil fertility and long-term located experiment \; 2) organic fertilizer (M); 3) inorganic fertilizer (Black River: NP; Harbin: NPK); 4) organic fertilizer inorganic fertilizer (Heihe: MNP; Harbin: MNPK) represent the low-input, organic agriculture, inorganic agriculture and conventional agricultural fertilization methods. Use of the gas chromatographic soil methane oxidation rate, respectively, using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) and real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR (QCR) technology determination of community structure and abundance of methanotrophs to study the long-term different fertilization on soil methane oxidation rate and soil physical and chemical properties and methane oxidizing bacteria communities characterized relations. The main findings are as follows: 1, compared with the CK treatment, after long-term treatment of inorganic fertilizer (NP / NPK) Heihe test point soil methane oxidation rate did not change significantly, Harbin test point soil methane oxidation rate decreased by 79.1%; Long-term M treated Heihe and Harbin test point soil methane oxidation rate was no significant change; Long-term organic fertilizer inorganic fertilizer treatment (MNP / MNPK) were significantly decreased in the two pilot sites in Heihe and Harbin soil methane oxidation rate decreased 61.2% and 52.9%. 2, soil methane oxidation rate divided by the methane-oxidizing bacteria community abundance (pmoA gene abundance) than the activity of methane-oxidizing bacteria, the results show that the specific activity of the the Heihe test point organic fertilizer soil methanotrophs (M and MNP) significantly lower than non-organic fertilizer soil (CK and NP); compared with CK, Harbin test point soil M treatment significantly reduced methane oxidizing bacteria specific activity, while the the NPK and MNPK processing no significant change. 3, DGGE patterns show that, compared with CK, Heihe test point term application of organic manure (M and MNP) a significant increase in the number of soil strips, NP treatment no significant change; the Harbin pilot sites M and MNPK-treatment also increased the number of bands , the NPK soil strip with significantly reduced the number. DGGE spectra digital technology results show that, the Heihe test point M and MNP processing Shannon index significantly with the increase the NP treatment did not change significantly; compared with CK, Harbin test point MNPK treated soil Shannon index significantly with the raise, while the NPK treatment of Shannon index significantly with decline M treatment did not change significantly. 4, quantitative PCR results show that, compared with the CK the Heihe test point M and MNP processing pmoA gene abundance significantly, the NP treatment change is not obvious; Harbin test point M treatment significantly increased the abundance of soil pmoA gene, NPK and MNPK treatment of did not change significantly. 5, Heihe test point soil methane oxidation rate and methane oxidation bacteria specific activity was a significant positive correlation, the correlation coefficient and significant resistance to 0.685 (p-= 0.014); Harbin test point soil methane oxidation rate methanotrophs community abundance and methane oxidizing bacteria community structure was significantly positive related, correlation coefficients and significant resistance, respectively, to 0.648 (p-= 0.032) and 0.304 (p-= 0.020), show that the close ties of the tested soil methane oxidation rate of methane oxidation bacteria community characteristics. 6, redundancy analysis results show that, methane-oxidizing bacteria community structure and Heihe test point soil the pH, TN, OM was a significant positive correlation, the correlation coefficient and significant resistance respectively for 0.825 (p = 0.002, pH), 0.620 (p = 0.002 , TN) and 0.500 (p = 0.006, OM); with Harbin test point Soil Moisture, the pH was significantly positive related, correlation coefficients and significant resistance, respectively, to 0.359 (p-= 0.006, Moisture), 0.303 (p-= 0.010, pH ). The results clearly show that affect soil physical and chemical properties of the soil methanotrophs community structure. 7 the Heihe test point soil methane oxidizing bacteria pmoA gene phylogenetic tree shows that the application of organic manure type I methanotrophs from soil the Cluster 2 all converted to methyl warm genus, and application of organic fertilizer for type II methane oxidation bacteria do not have a significant impact. In summary, this study shows that long-term different fertilization can affect methane oxidizing bacteria community characteristics by changing the physical and chemical properties of the black soil, thereby changing the soil methane oxidation rate. In particular, Heihe Dark Brown organic fertilizer processing from type I methanotrophs in soil Cluster 2 is converted to methyl warm genus, while no significant change in the type II methanotrophs. It should be noted that the Heihe soil methanotrophs community abundance and methane oxidation rate of the lack of close contact, and that the soil the Heihe organic fertilizer treatment, only part of the methane-oxidizing bacteria is \Therefore, to further clarify how to activate the application of organic fertilizer in soil, a large number of \

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