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Study on the Different Biological Characteristics of CD133~+ Cells and CD133~- Cells in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Author: SongJunYan
Tutor: YueZhongZuo
School: Lanzhou University
Course: Surgery
Keywords: CD133 Renal cell carcinoma Cancer stem cells Tumor-initiating cells Stem / progenitor cells
CLC: R737.11
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Objective: human CD133 (Human prominin-1 PROM-1) were identified in the different tissues of stem / progenitor cells or cancer stem cells (tumor initiating cells) (cancer stem cells, tumor-initiating cells) markers. The purpose of this paper is to study compared human renal carcinoma cell line 786-0 and OS-RC-2 medium of CD133 cells and CD133 - differences in the biological characteristics of the cells. Methods: application of flow cytometry renal carcinoma cell line 786-0 and OS-RC-2 in the membrane of CD133 expression status; immunomagnetic beads of CD133 of of cells and CD133 - < / sup> cell separation and purification, both in the light microscope morphology, growth characteristics, proliferation capacity, long-term ability to differentiate in vitro cloning formation rate differences; Flow cytometric analysis of cell cycle distribution between changes, using the MTT sensitivity difference in law between the two chemotherapy drug cisplatin (DDP). Results :786-0 and OS-RC-2 in both CD133 expression of a small amount of (8.12 ± 0.86)% and (6.83 ± 0.20)% cells of CD133 of CD133 compared - cells has a strong in vitro proliferation, colony formation and long-term ability to differentiate; the the 786-0 in of CD133 cells, of CD133 , - cells and unsorted cell population doubling time, respectively, 19.46h, 22.03h, 20.03h: OS-RC-2 medium of CD133 cells, CD133 - cells and unsorted cell population doubling time was 18.84h, 22.26 h, 21.18h; the 786-0 and OS-RC-2 in of CD133 cell colony formation rate (38.47 ± 4.27)% and (32.47 ± 5.21)% of CD133 - cell colony formation rate (21.38 ± 3.58)% and (26.04 ± 7.12)%, respectively; cells 786-0 in CD133 cells, CD133 - G 0 / G 1 , respectively (65.77 ± 0.81)% and (44.9 ± 2.21)% in S phase (13.65 ± 0.42)%, (39.66 ± 1.25)%, G 2 / M% of (10.83 ± 0.35), (12.24 ± 0.31)%, OS-RC-2 of CD133 cells of CD133 - cells G 0 / G 1 Phase (61.58 ± 1.32)% and (42.3 ± 3.11)% S phase (12.17 ± 0.22)%, respectively, (37.80 ± 0.32)%, the G 2 / M, respectively (11.36 ± 0.22)%, (16.23 ± 0.36)%, CD133 by cells, CD133 - compared to cells both were significant differences statistically significant (P <0.01). MTT assay showed that CD133 cells, CD133 - cells no statistically significant difference in sensitivity to DDP. Conclusions: confirmed renal cancer cell lines of CD133 cells have some of the characteristics of the kidney cancer stem cells, can be used as surface markers of kidney cancer stem cells further experiments need to be made clear.

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